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Biology Tuition at Master Coaching Hurstville

Biology is the study of all living things, from the microscopic to the interaction of whole eco-systems. An understanding of life around us, and the scientific language used to describe such phenomena is essential for further study in areas such as medicine, veterinary studies, environmental monitoring and scientific research. About…

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Discovery: Hurley + Euphoria

The emotional discovery of new environments and cultural experiences intertwine to reveal insights into the human condition. In ‘The Man Who Made History’, Nasht explores how Hurley combines artistic flair with realism to transport us into remote locations and thrilling circumstances. In Euphoria (2014), King employs a distinctive narrative style…

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How is the pleasure of discovery revealed in the feature article? The pleasure of discovery is evident in the narrator’s assertive tone ‘walking is free, it feels good’, where he reflects upon the psychological relief that the narrator experiences when walking around the city. Further, the imagery in ‘there are…

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The most commonly seen mistakes in English essays

Throughout a students life in English one thing is unavoidable and that is the writing and construction of essays. This skill or art of constructing such a piece of writing can sometimes be challenging although if students avoid the common errors stated below they will be able to improve their…

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How to gain a better understanding of any prescribed English text

In English no matter the level or ability of the student there is always one common denominator and that is the prescribed text. From Shakespeare, fiction, non-fiction and even multi modal texts each student will be inherently challenged by the ability to properly study and interpret the texts. Thus, it…

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How to engage with extra material in HSC Economics

Higher school certificate Economics involves the culmination and accumulation of numerous sources of data to truly excel at the subject. The ability for students to successfully synthesise this information will result in them having an overall more comprehensive understanding of the subject content. This inherently simple ability to gain more…

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