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The transition to high school is quite challenging. It is a crucial time when many students need extra support.

The English and Maths subjects undergo a vast change during this transition from primary to high school, which is why Master Coaching offers a bridging course to help the students prepare for this transition.

Why do the Academic Outcomes of the Students Hamper in Year 7?

In year 7, not only the Maths and the English subjects are taught at a more advanced level but the mode and style of teaching and the assessment types also transform greatly.

These are the two main subjects where students lag behind. The playtime for them also gets reduced. Such major changes negatively affect the students and their interest, engagement, and academic outcomes reduce to a great extent in Year 7, affecting the rate of absence.

At Master Coaching, we understand this critical time for the students as well as for their parents and our experienced Year 7 English tutor and Year 7 Maths tutor makes it easier for the students to accept the transition phase without any kinds of apprehensions.

Smoothing the Transition to High School with Extra Support

The transition plan is definitely in place for all schools but amongst so many students it becomes difficult for the teachers to focus on any particular child and their weaknesses or work on their apprehensions personally. As per our research, English and Maths are the most vital subjects where the students face problems while transitioning from Year 6 to Year 7. Our Year 7 English tutor and Year 7 Maths tutor designs a thorough tailored program to help each student overcome their fears and confidently step ahead into Year 7.

  • We encourage teamwork, help in the personal development of the students and conduct various activities to make their studies more productive.
  • Our tutors ask simple questions to the students like how do they feel and what do they think about the transitioning phase? This helps the tutors to know the particular student, their apprehensions, and also their strength.
  • Our Year 7 English Tutor and Year 7 Maths tutor focus on teaching year 6 English and Maths but also look at the year 7 curriculum to give them a head start.
  • Our Year 7 English tutor keeps tab of all the topics in English, the texts that have already been taught and the understandings and skills that the students are aware of and has been established in Year 6. We try to talk to the students separately and analyse the pace and style of previous lessons in the subject. And, then use this knowledge to launch the secondary education of each student with us. Our English tutors reassure each of the students, challenge them, and take their lessons forward rapidly without breaking their confidence.
  • The core subject like Maths is always the areas of major concern for the students and how to cope up with the pressure. Our Year 7 Maths tutor helps the students to in preparing from Year 6 itself so that the transitioning phase is much easier than anticipated. From working on algebraic expressions to solid geometric shapes, our tutors try to make the class as interesting as possible. We conduct various activities that can enable the students to learn faster with continuous analysis through tests, assignments, group discussions, and more.

Why should you choose Master Coaching?

Our entry into Year 7 English and Maths programs are designed to ensure a smooth and comfortable transition for the students. It is for the students who are finishing their Year 6 primary school and stepping into the Year 7 high school. Our Year 7 English Tutor and Year 7 Maths tutor, the major subjects which are usually of high concern for the students, conduct sessions for repeated revisions to master all the primary skills that are of high importance while stepping ahead in the high school.

We introduce the Year 7 topics to the students slowly and steadily so that the students do not lag behind nor become shaky about it. As the students get used to the concepts and skills, the Year 7 English Tutor and Year 7 Maths tutor start nurturing and working on it further. Our tutors help the Year 6 students get accustomed to the techniques and methods used in the high school and help them learn to work on it.

At Master Coaching, we make sure that the students learn efficient and effective ways of answering the questions thrown at them. We prepare them to face even the unknown challenges posed and face them confidently without any fear or anxieties. All our tutors are highly qualified and experienced in teaching English and Maths at the secondary level. They have experience of teaching as well as dealing with the student in the right manner to build their confidence, boost their performance, and highly motivate them to put their 100% in this new transitioning phase.

The team of Year 7 English Tutor helps the students develop their reading and writing skills. The creative and analytical skills are expanded and the students are encouraged to read and answer challenging questions. Our team of Year 7 Maths tutor helps the student develop problem-solving skills and help them learn new, unfamiliar and challenging questions. We assist the students to gain a thorough understanding of the subjects and face the transition phase confidently.

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