Selective High School Preparation

The Selective School Preparation program offered at Master Coaching caters for academically accelerated students wishing for a placement in a selective high school. The test itself consists of multiple choice questions in areas of English, Mathematics and General ability, along with a writing test. Master Coaching have designed programs that cover all these areas.

These classes are conducted by experienced qualified primary school teachers with sound  knowledge of the Selective School exam. Class sizes are 10-12 students to foster interactive learning.

Selective School Competencies Covered

English and Writing

  • Develop scan-reading abilities in picking out main points in long passages for critical keywords.
  • To develop analytical deciphering skills for meaning of questions based on the context of the text.
  • Targeting and expanding new vocabulary over time as word knowledge is essential in many questions—these can be used also in the writing section of the test.
  • Introduce students to various text types with exercises and ways to answer a given stimulus (factual and creative writing). They will learn how to write persuasively, creatively, descriptively and critically in an advanced manner.


  • To constantly revise and/or advance understanding of essential concepts such as algebra, area and volume, shapes, patterns, time & distance, general knowledge, geography, money, unit conversions etc.
  • Weekly revision and homework marking time is available for students to ask questions relating to any difficult questions.
  • Once all topics have been covered, mock exams will be held to familiarise students to real exam situations, exam tips will be taught for maximum success.

General Ability

  • Increase the knowledge base of wide range of various General Ability questions (pattern finding, decoding, logic deductions, geography, historical facts, vocabulary meaning etc)
  • Students will learn of the specific types of General Ability questions they are very likely to encounter

Ideal candidates should preferably have/be:

  • Enthusiastic and loves learning
  • Enjoys challenging work and resilience to failure
  • Use critical thinking to solve difficult patterns and problems
  • An independent worker and have excellent memory
  • Existing knowledge and application of algebra and other higher order algorithm skills
  • Highly motivated learner
  • High aptitude to work beyond their expected level

Creative Writing Skills

Writing skills are one of the learning areas that are taken for granted in primary schools across Sydney. The lack of time, resources and teacher expertise makes it almost impossible for enough attention to be put on such important skill. This is why in Master Coaching Hurstville Creative Writing classes, students are taken through several aspects of how to create an excellent piece of writing.

The areas focused on include;

  • Structure: learning to structure and construct different text types from expositions to speeches, narratives to letters
  • Expression: this is the way ideas are effectively communicated—it is the way characters, settings and events are represented (this often being the poorest facet of a student’s knowledge)
  • Originality: students will complete at least three to four writing pieces a week which will force them to begin thinking outside the box in more imaginative ways
  • Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation: this is essential in developing more sophisticated and excelled vocabulary which is done through word games, engaging worksheets and reading activities

It is ideal for students participating in the selective school entry exam in Year 6 as students will learn what the markers are looking for in their work. They will receive extensive practice and feedback for each piece of their writing to help grow confidence and develop as writers for all genres. These are skills that will be used throughout high school in every subject and can greatly enhance a student’s confidence in all areas of study.

Latest Student Results

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Selective High School Exam Scores – An Explanation

In an article titled Selective High Schools Entry in Year 7 2013–minimum scores, The Department of Education and Communities states that Selective high schools provide an educationally enriched environment for highly achieving, academically gifted students.

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