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My son Zac began tutoring at Master Coaching with Harry in 2005 in preparation for selective high school. During that time he enjoyed attending his lessons every week as his tutor Dianne provided a challenging and enjoyable lesson with a realistic and professional approach. Harry is a man who enjoys what he does. It’s not a job to him when he makes students achieve, but instead it becomes his passion. The enthusiasm and dedication provided by Harry and his staff is endless. We were ecstatic with the results achieved by Zac this year as he gained an interview for a scholarship at Trinity Boys Grammar, a scholarship to Newington High School and was given an offer to a selective high school as well. I am so pleased with Harry and Master Coaching that I am now sending my older son in year 11 & 12.

Mrs M Karantonis (Secondary School teacher)

My son Harrison had been struggling with his grades in high school Maths and English, and required help. After searching for a local tutor I decided to give Harry’s Master Coaching a try to lift my sons grades. After only 6 months my sons grades had gone from bottom of his grade/ way below average to well above average, with assessment results starting to reach top of his grade (year 9) post mid year. What a dramatic difference in such a short amount of time. Harry did a great and professional job in assessing my son to suit his tutoring needs and requirements. The tutoring team are friendly, efficient, very knowledgeable and helpful. I would strongly recommend Harry’s Master Coaching to any parent who is either concerned for their child’s grades, or wishes them to progress further in their studies. My son goes to a top private school that has failed to provide good grades. Only Harry’s Master Coaching has been successful in turning this around and giving my son any hope or chance of a bright future. This has been an invaluable necessity to my child’s education, and I would urge any parent who wants to see their child succeed to give Harry’s Master Coaching a try.

Paul C

HSC Chemistry had been a struggle for me during year 12. My exam results were not what I had expected, and they certainly didn’t correspond to the amount of effort I spent in preparing for these exams. In light of this setback, I decided to join Master Coaching.

Master Coaching College has a plethora of strengths including quality tutoring, infinite resources and an all- around pleasant working environment. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there as a student preparing for the HSC. Most importantly, I saw my results drastically increase right from the start, and never looked back for the remainder of the year. In just 6 months of attendance, I had completely turned my performance around.

I thus highly recommend Master Coaching to any student that needs a kick start in their studies. With conduct as good as theirs, there is no better place to be.

Ken Huang

My daughter Chloe a Year 10 Student a few years back was really struggling with Maths, in fact she hated it and was talking about not doing Maths for her HSC. She had limited options for her subject selections, so i encouraged her to give Maths a go. This is when we began searching for a good tutor. Harry from Master Coaching come highly recommended.

She started tutoring and within a few months was keen and even liking it again. The tutor was responsible for giving her a way of looking at Maths differently a new perspective therefore making it easy to understand. She went on to do 2 unit Mathematics for her HSC  and excelled with a very decent 89% mark in her final exam.

Without a doubt it would not have been possible without the help of the tutoring she received at Master Coaching.

Our thanks to Harry and his team of professional tutors.


Dora Mourdoukoutas

My name is Tony and I attended St Patrick’s College Strathfield. During my HSC year I came to Master Coaching in order to improve my results in economics which I was finding difficult. Mitchell was excellent in explaining the key economic concepts and made everything very easy to understand. Master Coaching was an excellent facility which definitely gave me the help and guidance I needed. Harry worked with me and Mitchell to make sure tutoring times were always easy to make and allowed my to fulfil other commitments.  I achieved a mark of 83 in economics which was well beyond my expectations and an overall ATAR of 90.0. Master Coaching was without doubt key to me achieving the results I desired.


Hi Harry

I would like to share Natasha’s result for the selective high school exam. She was successful in getting a place at St George Girls High in 2015.

She enjoyed her coaching with Michelle and Dianne and we found the coaching very helpful in preparing for the exam.

Thank you to Master Coaching for all their work. The format of the coaching, quality of tutors, materials and homework and smaller classes suited Natasha.


Claudine Everitt

Anja has been offered a position at St George Girls’ High School in 2012 and has accepted the offer. We are very grateful to your team of wonderful tutors, especially Rose & Diane who helped her get over the line. Thank you for your support & we would like to extend our gratitude to your staff.

Iromi Flamer-Caldera

After going through years 7-10 un-phased by the type and level of work I was hit by the change that came in year 11 and year 12. By the end of year 10 I had very high aspirations for my HSC year when things weren’t going as planned in year 11 I sought help from Harry knowing the high success rate of master coaching. In year 11 I was barely passing my mathematics 3-unit exams struggling with the work and level concepts. After 2 years together with Harry I increased my mark from a fail to an 88 (a high Band 5) in the HSC in 3-unit math’s and 88 in 2-units math’s. This increased my mark from 16th to 2nd in 3-unit and from 30th to 5th in 2-unit. I found that the dedication, knowledge and support that was provided at Master coaching helped in the hard times when school seemed to have passed me by.

During year 12 I had a very keen interest in Chemistry. Whilst I had struggled a little in year 11 I knew that to gain the big marks in the HSC I would need an extra edge that master coaching could provide for me over other students in the state. Throughout year 12 in tutoring we had a very strong class which provided the competitive and helpful drive to excel at the work that was given. After a year in chemistry tutoring I went from rank of 10 and average mark of 75 to rank of 2 and a HSC mark of 92. Overall I believe that master coaching was a vital ingredient in my HSC success allowing me to reach an UAI of 99.35 and entrance into Advanced Science and a scholarship under the Talented Student Program at the University of Sydney. I can only offer my greatest thanks and highest regard for the work, effort and dedication that is provided by master coaching which allowed me to get one step closer to fulfilling goals for my future.

Rose-Marie Scarlato

We were very impressed with the high standard of tutoring provided by master coaching. Our tutor was both a friend and mentor in helping us prepare for the HSC. She provided us with a range of knowledge and skills which greatly supported our approach to the HSC. Moreover, the scaffolding and insight for writing she presented to us increased our confidence and ability in essay writing and preparing for the HSC. Our tutor also directed us about where to find exemplars that we could use as benchmarks of excellence to assist in practising the writing of essays.

Harry and Elizabeth

Catie got 221 in the Selective School Exam. She got accepted to Caringbah High which was her first choice. Thanks for the coaching – I feel confident it helped her a lot. Diane was very diligent in the way she covered the syllabus over the 12 month coaching period.

Gary Snellgrove

My daughter approached Harry’s Master Coaching in Yr 12 to assist her HSC studies in Advanced English and Business Studies. Harry’s selection of tutors for Jade have held high accreditations in their fields and have been a source of encouragement & motivation for Jade, as well as enhancing her knowledge and study application. Harry as ‘Master Coach’ has also been encouraging, observant and proactive in seeking feedback from both myself & Jade in order to improve &/or ensure tutoring arrangements are acceptable. 

Harry’s Master Coaching is a well organised business of learning which I can fully recommend to other parents looking for tutoring excellence for their children.

Jenny Sorensen

Elisabeth is thrilled with her results in the HSC Chemistry trials. She improved beyond her expectations. Thanks so much for all your help!

89.5/100 – Ranked 3rd (up from 7th in half yearly)
31.5/35 – Ranked 3rd (up from 14th in half yearly)

It’s amazing that one weekly 90 min lesson for a couple of months has made such a difference! Thanks so much again Harry! You’ve done wonders.

Lisa Slingsby

The coaching is going wonderful, I am tremendously impressed with the quality of the coaching, which is a testament to your dedication and passion for education. Although I am still fairly new at Master Coaching, my confidence in Chemistry has certainly risen, allowing me to actively partake in class activities without feeling as if I am not at the same standard as other students. I am looking forward to continuing my Chemistry tutoring at Master Coaching and increasing my marks to a band six level.

Thank you,

Matthew dos Remedios

Thanks for helping me achieve beyond my expectations in HSC Chemistry. I thought I’d try coaching classes after being disappointed with my half yearly rank (10th) as I wanted to gain the best possible outcome in the course and was struggling with the more challenging areas of the course.

Having a tutor enabled me to concentrate on areas I found difficult so I was able to improve my overall rank to 4th by the end of the year. I approached the HSC exam with confidence of knowing that I’d done everything I could do to achieve my best possible results. I was overjoyed to achieve a Band 6 (a score of 92), which was even higher than I hoped.

Other students at my school have asked for the key to my success and I’ve recommended they see you at Master Coaching. Thanks again for all your help. My only regret is not coming to see you sooner.

Elisabeth Slingsby

We’re very pleased to share with you fantastic news that have just arrived – our daughter Milica got a place in Caringbah Selective School and she is the only one from her school this year that managed to get in. She is very happy and has acknowledged that the preparations she has done through Master Coaching have helped her a lot, especially with improving her writing and mathematical skills and with the exam time management, which was crucial in achieving the best results. Big thanks to your team on behalf of our family, we look forward to our daughter Maria joining Selective School preparation classes next year.

Sanja & Ratko Milosavljevic – Gymea Bay

My daughter Nina attended Master Coaching selective high school classes at Hurstville once a wekk during 2008 & 2009.

She gained an excellent mark of 225 and this year enrolled at Caringbah High School which was her first choice.

We would like to thank the excellent teaching of Dianne and Harry’s assistance during the time Nina attended Master Coaching. The lessons helped her to excel in and understand and think through her school work at a higher level. This along with the teaching she gained at her primary school helped her to achieve her entrance score. She enjoyed her lessons at Master Coaching and was never over burdened by excessive homework.

Shubha, Vinay & Nina Kolhatkar

First up I would really like to say thank you so much for all the help you have given me. Before I started at Master Coaching, my scores in physics were way below average, with my scores being as low as 8/60 for one test. It’s obvious that physics was my least favourite subject, and one that I definitely had no passion for. Plus, being school captain of Sydney Technical High School, I was constantly busy with something, so perhaps my physics scores suffered because of that.

However after my mum enrolled me at Master Coaching, I found that after just one lesson I actually enjoyed physics. Zac, my physics tutor, taught in an extremely comprehensive and clear way, but what really makes Zac and Master Coaching stand out the most is; they actually cater to what you need and what you don’t understand.

I completed my external HSC physics exam yesterday. I went into the exam confident, and came out feeling even more so. Prior to my exam I could barely make it through just one or two questions… In the multiple choice section alone. After just three weeks with Zac and Harry I was able to make it through an entire paper from multiple choice to short response/extended response and finally to my elective topic, Quanta to Quarks.

Thanks again Harry for improving my skill in physics, my confidence in the subject and for providing a truly unforgettable learning experience. Anyone and everyone should definitely give Master Coaching a go.

John Li

I write to say thank you for teaching Ken Chemistry since June this year. Ken has made tremendous progress in Chemistry since then. His yearly school report has shown him improved 31 rankings at school. What a great result! I also noticed that Ken is more focused and determined and he also has more motivation and interest in studying Chemistry during his coaching with you. Thank you very much Harry. I wish I had brought Ken to you earlier.

Rebecca Tsai

Throughout school my maths grades have not been anything spectacular, so as the HSC year drew closer and closer, I decided it was time to find a tutor. My parents and I tried various other well-known coaching branches, but we felt that their approach did not tackle problem areas of weaknesses head on. Often they were more worried about their business than the education of their students.

We looked to the internet, and there we found Master Coaching, run by Harry. I was sceptical at first; since at other major branches I was not able to find the right tutor for me, I doubted that such a small business would be able to do anything for me.

After a few maths lessons with Harry, I quickly let go of my doubts. The progressive lessons, combined with Harry’s extensive knowledge of the HSC 12 2U Mathematics course enabled me to feel more at ease when tackling maths problems for homework as well as during assessments.

Come HSC, I felt well prepared. I sat the examination, and my efforts were rewarded with a band 6 in mathematics. With the help of Harry at Master Coaching, I was able to achieve a rank I felt was a long way out of my reach. Harry, I can’t thank you enough.

Susanne Peng

Dear Master Coaching,

Before I begin I would I like to thank you for all the hard work you and the coaches at Master Coaching have put in over the past 2 years. Before I came my English was at 80, and much work was needed if intended to maximise my potential. Through the work with my coach, I substantially brought my mark to 92, which significantly help to sustain my desired ATAR.

Alongside this, I was also coached in mathematics. With Harry and my coach both guiding I rose in the ranks in 2-unit Mathematics, and by trials I was greatly prepared for the oncoming assessment.

My two coaches proved to be exceptional and of the highest quality and the interest and enthusiasm they brought to class all the time boosted my work ethic. As such, I highly recommend Master Coaching to all students who wish to strive and achieve excellent results.

Reece Sekulovski – HSC 2016

Master coaching was a key element of my success in the HSC. Having achieved an end of year mark in English of around 60 in Year 11, my parents signed me up for tutoring lessons with Elisabeth. She was an brilliant tutor who was able to help me write solid essays and bring forth concepts that I would have never been able to bring forth on my own. I carried on English tutoring throughout the whole of Year 12 and this brought my school marks up from the late 50s to the late 80s by the end of the year. Without her help I never would have achieved a high band 5 in English and an atar that was 10 marks over what I expected- leading to me being able to get into my previously thought unattainable dream course of Economics and Arts at Sydney University. I would recommend Master Coaching to anyone struggling with English in the HSC- and would particularly like to commend Harry for his support throughout the year and Elisabeth for all her outstanding help as a tutor!

H. Tayeb

My daughter attended Harry’s Master Coaching for 12 months in order to help her gain confidence for the selective test. I was very pleased with Harry’s staff. Both Dianne and Jim were extremely friendly and professional people who made each lesson comprehendible and fun.

Harry and his team are to be commended for their enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism towards the students and their parents.

We were delighted when our daughter was able to gain a placement at our chosen selective high school. I have no hesitation in recommending Harry and his team for any coaching. Well done Harry and thank you.

Mrs K.

Catie got 221 in the Selective School Exam. She got accepted to Caringbah High which was her first choice. Thanks for the coaching – I feel confident it helped her a lot. Diane was very diligent in the way she covered the syllabus over the 12 month coaching period.

Gary Snellgrove

At the beginning of this year I changed schools from Kogarah Marist to Sydney Tech. My new school was obviously quite different to Kogarah, being selective and very academically competitive.

I could not survive at Sydney Tech without some help, so I decided to give Harry a go. I found that his lessons were very helpful and got right down to the important parts of the course. His workshops were also helpful with ensuring that I fully understand the work covered at school.

After being at a very casual Catholic school for 4 years, I moved to Sydney Tech and, with the help of Harry, have scored over 90% in the Year 11 Extension I (3 unit) Maths half-yearly exam, my first test at this school.

Harry certainly helped me adjust to, and succeed in this new and very competitive environment.

Many Thanks,

Charles Herald

My name is Astrid and I graduated from Caringbah Selective High School this year. I began tutoring classes at Master Coaching Hurstville in search of additional assistance for my four units of English. Master Coaching met my needs by providing a tutor that was right for the level of English I did as well as encouraging to seek support from Senior HSC markers for further assistance. My tutor, who did the same modules as I sat for the HSC, was able to speak from experience and through our combined knowledge, we were able to discuss concepts and ideas I could never have achieved on my own. My tutor helped me to solidify the things I learned in class and furthered my writing through challenging and extending my critical thinking. In doing this, my marks began to increase and I regained some of the confidence I had previously lost. Through the highly professional tutoring available, I improved by thirty ranks in English Advanced, finishing 15th out of 155 students. I achieved a band 6 in English Advanced, a band E4 in English Extension 1 followed by a high band E3 in English Extension 2 obtaining an overall ATAR of 95.9. I highly recommend Master Coaching to anyone who wishes to work hard and persevere in order to achieve their goals and see success as a result.


We just wanted to say thank you to you and your teachers for your help over the past year. Rebecca got into St George Girls High School (first choice) with a mark of 218.66. I’ve left a thank you on your Facebook wall too. We’re very pleased with the result, and she’s very excited about next year. She is the only one who got in to St George Girls from her school, through a fair few tried and so I’m interested to know if anyone else from Master Coaching got into St George? It would be nice if she knew some other girls who were going, a head start for making friends would be great!

Dr Rachel Hocking

My daughter attended the year 5 selective class at Master Coaching Hurstville and I am pleased to announce she has just been accepted into CaringbahHigh School for year 7 next year (2015). Caringbah High was our first choice, but her mark of 218 was enough for her to be able to go to her second choice of St.George Girls High as well.

I can honestly say that sending her to Master Coaching was the best decision I have ever made. She received Band 6’s in all academic areas in her Naplan results for year 5 and I know she learned a lot of tips from Master Coaching that helped her achieve this fantastic result. She is now so much more confident leading up to exams and appears to be less stressed as well.

I remember my daughter coming home from school one day very excited because she had sat a reading exam and said that she felt she did well because she remembered what she had been taught at Master Coaching about reading the questions first and then the text. She has learned time management skills that have also helped a great deal. I have noticed her general knowledge has grown stronger and she doesn’t seem as nervous prior to academic testing.

I’d like to thank all the dedicated staff at Master Coachingfor their fantastic teaching methods (special mention to Dianne) and for giving my daughterthe confidence she needed to sit the selective school test and I know she will take the skills she has learned with her throughout her future schooling.

Mrs Harris

We’re very pleased to share with you fantastic news that have just arrived – our daughter Milica got a place in Caringbah Selective School and she is the only one from her school this year that managed to get in. She is very happy and has acknowledged that the preparations she has done through Master Coaching have helped her a lot, especially with improving her writing and mathematical skills and with the exam time management, which was crucial in achieving the best results. Big thanks to your team on behalf of our family, we look forward to our daughter Maria joining Selective School preparation classes next year.

Sanja & Ratko Milosavljevic – Gymea Bay

I first attended Master Coaching for the selective high school test in Years 5 and 6. This was a huge help and so I decided to come back in Years 11 and 12 for Math’s Advanced and Extension 1 classes. I am currently half way through Year 12 at Caringbah High school. Attending just once a week has improved my understanding of the concepts we learn at school and I am much more confident with harder exam questions. It’s unlike some other tutoring schools that simply bombard you with homework and endless questions; here you can go through whatever you need help with at a pace that suits you. I am very happy with my marks so far and thanks to Master Coaching am ranked in the top ¼ of students at a selective high school for both advanced and extension 1 Math’s. Harry and all the tutors do a great job and the classes are actually enjoyable! I would definitely recommend Master Coaching to other Year 11 and 12 students.


Master coaching helped my daughter achieve the best possible mark in chemistry for her HSC. The expert guidance under Harry’s tuition was outstanding as her marks doubled from when she first started. I am incredibly happy that I sent my daughter to Master Coaching as her success in HSC would not be obtained without it.

Angela Glowacki

After just three months with Harry I have achieved beyond my expectations. Deciding to embark on the journey of 3 unit maths 8 weeks behind was a risky decision, and my teachers, my parents and I had doubts. Only Harry was, not only optimistic, but confident of a turnaround. He exclaimed “John if you don’t pass 3 unit I will close this place down!”

His words of wisdom were my virtue and his determination inspired me to achieve. He constantly reminded me of my potential and my ability in mathematics which boosted my confidence. In my most recent assessment I came 2nd in my class blitzing the average by over 40%, I owe it to Harry as he motivated me to be where I am today and still reminds me not to become complacent. I have no hesitation in recommending Harry strongly to anyone in struggle or wishing to improve their skills in mathematics.

A normal mathematics teacher would be perceived as a boring person with no sense of humour; Harry is very different in this category. He makes learning fun and makes your goal his goal. He is able to push you to challenge yourself but does so in a relaxed personal manner. You feel as though he is your friend and he genuinely wants you to succeed.

John Stathis

I started going to Master Coaching about half-way through year 11 for Advanced English. Since then, my marks have increased, as well as my confidence in the subject, and I feel a lot better prepared for my HSC this year. My tutor has been extremely helpful, referring a lot to her own experience and reinforcing methods to excel in English, such as picking out suitable techniques in texts and how to argue for them in a structured essay.

Jason Stewart

After 6 month undertaking coaching in Year 12 English I had improved my ranking at school by 20 places. I am very pleased with the results and Elizabeth is a great coach.  


My name is Charlie Setiawan of Blakehurst High School, and I attended Master Coaching in 2007. I can happily vouch for the quality of Master Coaching Hurstville, and its coach, Harry Athanasatos.

A few weeks after the HSC trial examinations, I was quite disappointed with my internal marks in both HSC Chemistry and Mathematics subjects. In order to boost my marks for the final round, I needed an effective tutor who is both effective and professional. Harry satisfied those criteria and has done a great job in teaching!

Harry is a friendly and professional teacher who has done an excellent job in assisting me to attain higher marks than I previously thought myself capable of achieving. His specialised, personalised way of teaching provided me with broad knowledge and profound understanding in both subjects. I am particularly pleased with my final Chemistry mark, moving up from fifth to third position at my school. My internal assessment was 88 and my external examination mark was 90, achieving a Band 6! I would not be able to score a Band 6 in Chemistry without Harry’s expertise, assistance and endless practice. Similarly in Mathematics, without his dedication, 79% would have been unthinkable, considering Mathematics has been my worst enemy.

Charlie Setiawan

I highly recommend Master Coaching if you want to improve and assist your children to achieve excellent results at School.

As a parent of two children who attended Master Coaching I have had the pleasure of working with Harry Athanasatos for the past three years. Harry has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages, especially children. Harry is a driven, passionate and organized educator who develops inspiring relationships with his students and coaches.

Master Coaching under Harry’s leadership has enhanced the ability to connect with students and excels at teaching complex concepts, which are truly superior. Harry also has excellent written and verbal communication skills with both parents and coaches and keeps up-to-date on the progress being made during the children’s education. Harry accomplishes all these tasks with great initiative and with a positive attitude.

I would recommend Master Coaching without reservation.

Mr N Matthews

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