Jenny Sorensen

My daughter approached Harry's Master Coaching in Yr 12 to assist her HSC studies in Advanced English and Business Studies. Harry's selection of tutors for Jade have held high accreditations in their fields and have been a source of encouragement & motivation for Jade, as well as enhancing her knowledge and study application. Harry as 'Master Coach' has also been encouraging, observant and proactive in seeking feedback from both myself & Jade in order to improve &/or ensure tutoring arrangements are acceptable.  Harry's Master Coaching is a well organised business of learning which I can fully recommend to other parents looking for tutoring excellence for their children.

Reece Sekulovski - HSC 2016

Dear Master Coaching, Before I begin I would I like to thank you for all the hard work you and the coaches at Master Coaching have put in over the past 2 years. Before I came my English was at 80, and much work was needed if intended to maximise my potential. Through the work with my coach, I substantially brought my mark to 92, which significantly help to sustain my desired ATAR. Alongside this, I was also coached in mathematics. With Harry and my coach both guiding I rose in the ranks in 2-unit Mathematics, and by trials I was greatly prepared for the oncoming assessment. My two coaches proved to be exceptional and of the highest quality and the interest and enthusiasm they brought to class all the time boosted my work ethic. As such, I highly recommend Master Coaching to all students who wish to strive and achieve excellent results.

Mr N Matthews

I highly recommend Master Coaching if you want to improve and assist your children to achieve excellent results at School. As a parent of two children who attended Master Coaching I have had the pleasure of working with Harry Athanasatos for the past three years. Harry has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages, especially children. Harry is a driven, passionate and organized educator who develops inspiring relationships with his students and coaches. Master Coaching under Harry’s leadership has enhanced the ability to connect with students and excels at teaching complex concepts, which are truly superior. Harry also has excellent written and verbal communication skills with both parents and coaches and keeps up-to-date on the progress being made during the children’s education. Harry accomplishes all these tasks with great initiative and with a positive attitude. I would recommend Master Coaching without reservation.

Harry and Elizabeth

We were very impressed with the high standard of tutoring provided by master coaching. Our tutor was both a friend and mentor in helping us prepare for the HSC. She provided us with a range of knowledge and skills which greatly supported our approach to the HSC. Moreover, the scaffolding and insight for writing she presented to us increased our confidence and ability in essay writing and preparing for the HSC. Our tutor also directed us about where to find exemplars that we could use as benchmarks of excellence to assist in practising the writing of essays.

Rose-Marie Scarlato

After going through years 7-10 un-phased by the type and level of work I was hit by the change that came in year 11 and year 12. By the end of year 10 I had very high aspirations for my HSC year when things weren’t going as planned in year 11 I sought help from Harry knowing the high success rate of master coaching. In year 11 I was barely passing my mathematics 3-unit exams struggling with the work and level concepts. After 2 years together with Harry I increased my mark from a fail to an 88 (a high Band 5) in the HSC in 3-unit math’s and 88 in 2-units math’s. This increased my mark from 16th to 2nd in 3-unit and from 30th to 5th in 2-unit. I found that the dedication, knowledge and support that was provided at Master coaching helped in the hard times when school seemed to have passed me by. During year 12 I had a very keen interest in Chemistry. Whilst I had struggled a little in year 11 I knew that to gain the big marks in the HSC I would need an extra edge that master coaching could provide for me over other students in the state. Throughout year 12 in tutoring we had a very strong class which provided the competitive and helpful drive to excel at the work that was given. After a year in chemistry tutoring I went from rank of 10 and average mark of 75 to rank of 2 and a HSC mark of 92. Overall I believe that master coaching was a vital ingredient in my HSC success allowing me to reach an UAI of 99.35 and entrance into Advanced Science and a scholarship under the Talented Student Program at the University of Sydney. I can only offer my greatest thanks and highest regard for the work, effort and dedication that is provided by master coaching which allowed me to get one step closer to fulfilling goals for my future.

H. Tayeb

Master coaching was a key element of my success in the HSC. Having achieved an end of year mark in English of around 60 in Year 11, my parents signed me up for tutoring lessons with Elisabeth. She was an brilliant tutor who was able to help me write solid essays and bring forth concepts that I would have never been able to bring forth on my own. I carried on English tutoring throughout the whole of Year 12 and this brought my school marks up from the late 50s to the late 80s by the end of the year. Without her help I never would have achieved a high band 5 in English and an atar that was 10 marks over what I expected- leading to me being able to get into my previously thought unattainable dream course of Economics and Arts at Sydney University. I would recommend Master Coaching to anyone struggling with English in the HSC- and would particularly like to commend Harry for his support throughout the year and Elisabeth for all her outstanding help as a tutor!


My name is Tony and I attended St Patrick's College Strathfield. During my HSC year I came to Master Coaching in order to improve my results in economics which I was finding difficult. Mitchell was excellent in explaining the key economic concepts and made everything very easy to understand. Master Coaching was an excellent facility which definitely gave me the help and guidance I needed. Harry worked with me and Mitchell to make sure tutoring times were always easy to make and allowed my to fulfil other commitments.  I achieved a mark of 83 in economics which was well beyond my expectations and an overall ATAR of 90.0. Master Coaching was without doubt key to me achieving the results I desired.

Dora Mourdoukoutas

My daughter Chloe a Year 10 Student a few years back was really struggling with Maths, in fact she hated it and was talking about not doing Maths for her HSC. She had limited options for her subject selections, so i encouraged her to give Maths a go. This is when we began searching for a good tutor. Harry from Master Coaching come highly recommended. She started tutoring and within a few months was keen and even liking it again. The tutor was responsible for giving her a way of looking at Maths differently a new perspective therefore making it easy to understand. She went on to do 2 unit Mathematics for her HSC  and excelled with a very decent 89% mark in her final exam. Without a doubt it would not have been possible without the help of the tutoring she received at Master Coaching. Our thanks to Harry and his team of professional tutors. Regards


I first attended Master Coaching for the selective high school test in Years 5 and 6. This was a huge help and so I decided to come back in Years 11 and 12 for Math’s Advanced and Extension 1 classes. I am currently half way through Year 12 at Caringbah High school. Attending just once a week has improved my understanding of the concepts we learn at school and I am much more confident with harder exam questions. It’s unlike some other tutoring schools that simply bombard you with homework and endless questions; here you can go through whatever you need help with at a pace that suits you. I am very happy with my marks so far and thanks to Master Coaching am ranked in the top ¼ of students at a selective high school for both advanced and extension 1 Math’s. Harry and all the tutors do a great job and the classes are actually enjoyable! I would definitely recommend Master Coaching to other Year 11 and 12 students.

Jason Stewart

I started going to Master Coaching about half-way through year 11 for Advanced English. Since then, my marks have increased, as well as my confidence in the subject, and I feel a lot better prepared for my HSC this year. My tutor has been extremely helpful, referring a lot to her own experience and reinforcing methods to excel in English, such as picking out suitable techniques in texts and how to argue for them in a structured essay.

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