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Mastering High School Maths Year 7 to Year 10

For over 20 years, Master Coaching, along with its team of passionate, dedicated and inspirational tutors, has been educating students from all over Sydney in perhaps the most important and fundamental secondary school subject: mathematics. In order to give your child an exceptional head start to their learning and development, Master Coaching offers quality tuition for mathematics at both Stage 4 (Years 7-8) and Stage 5 (Years 9-10) levels. We recognise that each and every student is unique, with different levels of confidence, which is why our tutors tailor their lesson plans to suit their specific coaching needs.

chemistry tutroingYears 7-8 (Stage 4) are the foundational years for building a student’s habits, motivation, discipline and confidence. These skills are essential for maintained success throughout secondary schooling and beyond, and are all best formed in these key building block years. Additionally, the course content which is covered by the NSW junior syllabus forms a strong basis for the mathematics which is to be taught in subsequent years. These include patterns and algebra, equations, factorisation, geometry, probability, coordinate geometry, measurement and statistics. A thorough understanding of each of these topics, as well as how they are derived, how they interrelate, and how they can be applied to problem solving is essential in a student’s current and continued success in mathematics. When introducing a new topic, our tutors strive to develop each of the concepts from their roots, ensuring the student is able to engage with it in its entirety, allowing them the confidence in manipulating, applying and explaining the mathematics themselves. We don’t teach formulas, we teach concepts and processes!

chemistry tutroingYears 9-10 (Stage 5) are arguably even more important than Years 7-8, as they lead directly into the two senior years (Years 11-12). These years build on top of the foundations laid down in the junior years as well as prepare a student for the rigour and difficulty of the Higher School Certificate. The mathematical topic areas covered in the syllabus are nearly all identical to the junior years (with some notable exceptions, including trigonometry and financial mathematics) with the mere adjustment that they are explored in much more depth. This is why a solid grasp of these topics at a grass-roots level is of immense importance! At Master Coaching, we work to identify both the strengths a student possesses, as well as any gaps that may exist in their knowledge. Where a student is proficient, we work to excel them, and where a student is experiencing difficulty, we fill in these gaps from the ground up.

chemistry tutroingWe believe that all of the course content contained within the syllabus of both Junior and Intermediate Mathematics in NSW is not beyond the reach of any student in terms of understanding and conceptualisation. As a result, we are certain that performing well is determined almost purely by the student’s level of confidence and discipline. At Master Coaching, this is exactly what we aim to instil in each and every student, so that they are able to grow into motivated, independent and self-directed learners!

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