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Our personalised approach to one to one tutoring allows us to customise the learning experience to each students needs, provide tailored support and boost confidence.

Generally a child needs coaching when they are not performing at school or they are having problems understanding and completing homework and assignments.

Should a child’s results at school be below class average, it is recommended that an assessment occur to identify the key areas of improvement, and coaching be considered to support them.  This is particularly important in primary school where enjoyment of the learning process is important for future success and confidence building. In some cases, the child could be performing above the class average but then reach a point where they  lose their motivation. This could occur if the school work, through no fault of the school system is not challenging them enough academically. At Master Coaching we offer a selective school preparation course which prepares students to sit for the selective exam in early Year 6. It is strongly recommended that students undertaking this course commence coaching at the beginning of Year 5 to develop exam techniques and confidence which are imperative for this academically challenging exam.

The components of this course include:

  • Maths, involving numeracy and mathematical problems to a Year 7 level
  • Comprehension and creative writing developed and refined to an exceptionally high standard to meet the board standard
  • General ability, which involves thinking outside the square, general world knowledge, the ability to solve puzzles and think analytically using problem solving skills.

This course is taught by a very experienced senior teacher who is familiar with all exam conditions and the necessary exam techniques for a successful outcome.

At Master Coaching we are more than just tuition providers, motivation is very much part of the strategy used in our tuition planning. We believe that if a student is inspired to achieve, his or her performance level will improve dramatically. Depending on the level of the subject that the student is being coached in, it may take just a few lessons to improve their self-confidence. Once this is achieved, they will improve in their ability to do their homework. In some cases where the student is lacking either in numeracy or writing skills it may take a few weeks to notice an improvement. The main point here is that the coaches are continuously giving feedback on the student’s homework and may recommend a different learning approach. This will make key concepts in the subject much easier to comprehend and recall while studying for exams. The students undertaking coaching should be completing their homework on a weekly basis to see an improvement.

During our years of coaching, we have noticed that it is not the number of lessons that a student attends per week, but the quality of the lesson and the interaction between the coach and the student during the lesson. If a student is over-coached, or undertakes learning in a rope-style method without the skills to critically analyze and evaluate the exam questions, this will not necessarily enable the student to become an effective learner. At Master Coaching, students attend lessons once a week per subject, with each lesson normally between 1 to 1.5 hours in length.

Master Coaching is a member of the Australian Tutoring Association which sets national standards that members need to adhere to. One of the requirements is that all staff are familiar with the current syllabus. To ensure that we are meeting the needs of both our students and their parents, we regularly ask for feedback. We then implement this feedback in our coaching lessons.

We have also been awarded for outstanding customer service by the Australian Achievers Award. The main important ingredient is that our coaches are professional, inspirational and able to communicate at the student’s level of understanding.

Depending on the class and level undertaken, Year 3 to Year 6 receive an average of 1.5 hours per week homework. The selective school preparation attendance is once a week for a 2-hour lesson and also includes around 2 hours of homework a week. At high school, depending on the level of the course and the year of the child, the homework would be around 1.5 hours per week.

Senior English in years 11 and 12, due to its strong focus on essay writing and textual analysis, places high demands on students’ abilities to construct sophisticated pieces of writing with emphasis on literary
techniques and synthesis. These high expectations for students represent a ‘culture shock’ to many students.

However, despite essay writing skills occupying such an integral role in HSC assessment, teachers tend not to teach the essay form in a specific manner. English coaching offers students a logical understanding of the expected essay requirements as well as a chance to successfully develop their ability to construct high range assessment responses in a tailored and engaging environment.

Master Coaching offers students personalised and regular feedback on their strengths and weakness so as to improve core skills in essay construction, course content and creative writing. By tailoring tuition to the individual student, Master Coaching disambiguates assessment task criteria and enhances understanding of the HSC syllabus and exam format. Ultimately, by Year 12 students will have developed skills that allow greater focus on course content and provides students with increased confidence and enjoyment.

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