Naplan Preparation

NAPLAN classes at Master Coaching are aimed at students sitting for the NAPLAN test in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 who are interested in improving their skills to be more efficient in both the literacy and numeracy aspect of the test. The test itself consists of multiple choice and short response questions in literacy (Reading, Writing and Language Conventions) and Numeracy (Number, Algebra, Pattern, Space, Measurement, Probability).

Literacy for NAPLAN

  • Develop student’s scan-reading abilities to quickly and correctly pick out main points within long passages
  • Focus on new vocabulary, common language conventions, grammar and punctuation which will build up over time, enhancing their language use
  • Our units will involve both factual and creative writing that boost their written expressions. Students will become persuasive, descriptive and critical writers, a skill that is very crucial to success in later years of schooling).

Numeracy for NAPLAN

  • Advancing student’s understanding in most mathematic concepts (such as algebra, area and volume, shapes, patterns, time & distance, money, unit conversions etc) that appear in NAPLAN tests every year
  • Individual help is given for students to ensure they completely understand unfamiliar concepts
  • Once foundation skills are built, they are then applied to practice questions
  • Constant revision is given to refresh and consolidate student’s knowledge

Regular practice tests are set up to familiarise students in the format of the test. Exam skills will be taught for time management and self-confidence in the test. Results from these tests are analysed to turn into useful information to plan the next lesson.