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Get a Head Start on Year 11 Chemistry with Master Coaching’s Holiday Program

6 Sessions from January 8th to 19th, 2024

Our unique holiday program has been developed to give students the best chance of success in HSC Chemistry.

Chemistry is a difficult subject and with the limited time allocated for teaching the entire syllabus, it is no wonder many students need an extra hand. The best way to succeed is to make sure students understand the foundations so they can follow along with what is being taught to them when the school year gets underway.

Master Coaching is offering a holiday program to students who have finished year 10, and are about to start year 11 Chemistry. With 2 hour sessions, 3 times per week, there is time for students to digest information and think of questions to ask. We are keeping group sizes small to allow for an optimal learning environment.

Each session will involve being taught material as well as doing worksheets in order to make sure students have grasped the content. The goal of the program is to give students the best possible start to HSC Chemistry, and set them up for success.


Date: 8th of January – 19th of January (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Time: 9am – 11am

Location: Level 1, 181-183A Forest Rd Hurstville NSW 2220

Investment: $490 per student for all 6 lessons

Timetable and Topics Covered

9am – 11am
Introduction to program
Chemical bonding
9am – 11am
Intermolecular forces
Chemical reactions
9am – 11am
Acid / Bases
9am – 11am
Introduction to reaction calculations
9am – 11am
Limiting reagents
9am – 11am
Galvanic cells
Revision of topics

Master coaching helped my daughter achieve the best possible mark in chemistry for her HSC. The expert guidance under Harry’s tuition was outstanding as her marks doubled from when she first started. I am incredibly happy that I sent my daughter to Master Coaching as her success in HSC would not be obtained without it.

Angela Glowacki, Read other testimonials here.

Meet Your Chemistry Tutor Harry

Harry Athanasatos, our lead chemistry tutor has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Majoring in Analytical Chemistry) from The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) as well as a background as a Chemistry lecturer at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

Harry has worked as a Senior Analytical Research Chemist in the pharmaceutical industry.

Harry’s extensive knowledge and experience in the discipline of chemistry is an invaluable asset for any student seeking to excel in HSC Chemistry.

Harry has helped many students achieve success in HSC Chemistry.

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