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The Newman program was first initiated by the Sydney Catholic Schools to ensure learning equity for the gifted students in primary and secondary Catholic schools. Are you thinking how are these schools different? There are around 39 listed schools in Sydney region that offer authentic and comparatively difficult programs for the gifted learners, in the same way as any other average child to keep them engrossed and encouraged in a Catholic environment.

Every student has the right to study and must be given equal opportunities whether a student is average or extremely bright and gifted. As there are several programs like selective school examination, NAPLAN, OC class tests, and more for the average students, the Newman program tutoring follows a specially designed curriculum for the gifted learners with increased difficulty level at Master Coaching Hurstville.

With the Newman Selective Gifted Education Program, it is ensured that the gifted learners are identified accurately and they do not feel left out and bored. The difficulty level set is quite challenging for them. At Master Coaching Hurstville, we believe in educational parity and have designed the Newman program tutoring classes with a set of special tutors to polish the skills of such exceptionally intelligent students.

Our Set of Special Tutors

We boast a set of qualified special teachers for the Newman program tutoring at Master Coaching Hurstville. We make sure to provide instructional support to all the teachers going through the Newman program courses. We encourage our tutors to engage in specialized readings and attend seminars and meetings focussed on gifted learning in order to remain up-to-date while taking the Newman program tutoring sessions with the children and set the difficulty level accordingly. Along with the students who are prepared in the Newman program tutoring classes, we ensure that the teachers we appoint are professionally qualified to teach the special class.

Benefits to the Students

  • Develop the overall personality of the child
  • Teachers support the students for their emotional as well as social well-being
  • Comprehensive evaluation each week to check the students’ progress
  • Newman program tutoring covers all the aspects of this gifted learning program that includes coding and computational and coding skills, creative and literary arts and experiences, robotics and STEM initiatives
  • A supportive environment for the gifted children to sharpen their exceptional abilities
  • Teachers do not just rectify the mistakes but engages in conversation with the child to discuss the material and give examples and evidence to prove what is being said
  • Students become independent, confident, and strong

Our experienced specially trained teachers work closely with each of the students to evaluate the performance of the gifted learners and give complete attention towards their care along with the studies. Our team focus on the individualized needs of each student, align them with the special course materials and train these set of gifted exceptional students to crack the exams without any nervousness. We ensure to give a great environment to the students and make the sessions interesting and challenging. Learning or education has no discrimination whatsoever. Our sole aim is always to make the Newman program tutoring process more enjoyable and attention-grabbing for the students so they are happy and observant around us.

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