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HSC Physics Tutors in Hurstville Sydney

HSC physics is a difficult subject, with lots of complex ideas to cover in a short amount time. A physics tutor can help you achieve your best possible results in the HSC exam.

The HSC physics syllabus requires not only an understanding of concepts, but also an ability to apply knowledge by solving problems using calculations and experimental techniques. In schools, the teacher has pressure to complete the syllabus, and they really don’t have much time to focus on a particular child and their understanding of the concept or how to apply it. As a result the student doesn’t have the tools and preparation to achieve their best results.

At Master Coaching Hurstville, our experienced and knowledgeable Physics tutors help every single child to excel in the subject.

Prior to my exam I could barely make it through just one or two questions… In the multiple choice section alone. After just three weeks with Zac and Harry I was able to make it through an entire paper from multiple choice to short response/extended response and finally to my elective topic, Quanta to Quarks.

~John LiRead the complete testimonial as well as other testimonials from previous students here.

How Our HSC Physics Tutors Work

We teach physics with a very strong focus on gaining an in depth understanding of key concepts in the syllabus, rather than just rote learning and memorising content. This ensures that the student has the necessary knowledge and skills to answer the wide variety of questions they can encounter in their exams.

Our teaching method is as follows:

  • Each individual dot-point of the syllabus is taught thoroughly with the students being given the opportunity to ask their own questions so that they are not being left behind
  • Real-life examples and simplifications are used to ensure each student’s understanding and keep them engaged in the lesson
  • The students knowledge is tested and improved through practice questions and past HSC papers in order to prepare them for their upcoming assessments
  • Proper exam techniques are taught and practiced with feedback being provided by the tutor to help each student properly communicate their knowledge and maximise their marks
  • Comprehensive resources are provided so that students receive all of the required information to aid them in their study

Regular updates on each students understanding and performance are communicated to both the student and their parents, helping to identify areas that require further improvement in order to optimise their marks in the HSC Physics course.

Free Trial Lesson

We offer one free trial lesson per family so you can make sure we are a right fit for you. Get in contact with us today to get started.

As a yr 11 student I have found Master Coaching very effective in increasing my knowledge and understanding in subjects due to the proffesional tutors. Master coaching has helped me increase my confidence during tests and assessments in my chosen subjects.

Rig Rana. Google Review 5 stars
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