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Year 7 and 8 English

Here at Master Coaching, we take a particular interest in early high school students, because it is during these formative years where proficient writing skills are developed and consolidated. In the coaching of Year 7 and 8 English, text types are reviewed with emphasis on literary techniques. The techniques used by authors form the foundation of future essays and analysis of texts. Narratives, poetry, Shakespeare and creative writing are studied as is  an introduction to visual techniques and their application in modern advertising. At Master Coaching, young students are supported to increase their confidence, expand their vocabulary, refine their grammar and learn the skills needed to succeed in  writing for  high school English.

Year 9 and 10 English 

Since English is a mandatory subject throughout high school education, it is essential that all students are confident in writing. At Master Coaching, we teach Year 9 and 10 English with a focus on developing skills in analysis and writing. As essays are a major component of HSC English, they are a primary objective of our classes. As a small class, we engage with unfamiliar texts and analyse the techniques embedded within them. Following this, students individually answer either short questions or an extended response in the correct structure, which is later marked by the coaches. This method builds students’ confidence while preparing them for the level of writing and analysis expected in senior high school. 

Year 7-10 Maths

Mathematics is a major area of study for early high school students, and unfortunately is commonly regarded as difficult to succeed in. At MC, the style of coaching used for early maths is tailored to the need of each student. Whether your child is in need of help with particular topics or wishing to excel above their current level, MC will equip students with the skills they require to perform well at school.

Year 7-8 Topics: algebra, number, percentages , shapes, measurement and Pythagoras’ theorem.

Year 9-10 Topics: further algebra, equations, factorizing, deductive and coordinate geometry, statistics and further trigonometry.

All topics covered by the Board of Studies school syllabus are covered at MC. Students will work through a variety of topics at their own pace. This course will build the student’s confidence and teach them the maths skills and exam techniques that are necessary for this subject.

Junior Science (Years 7 to 10)

Science is a subject that students are often intimidated by or dislike due to unfamiliarity. Our coaching approach ensures students feel comfortable with the subject of science by providing a hands-on approach. We’ve designed the program so that students both understand and enjoy the subject. This assists students in mastering more difficult science subjects in later years. At Master Coaching, our coaches specialise in exploring the basis of science, focusing on the foundations for Chemistry, Physics and Biology, all of which are introduced in the junior years of high school. These basics are developed and built upon in senior subjects. 

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