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The analysis of visual pieces can be seen to be a skill that is extremely important to a students progression in English. At Master Coaching this method of analysis is something, which is a basis of all teaching. Thus, an interpretation of these visual texts allows for students to gain a wider perspective of the quality of texts as well as the standard features surrounding them. Therefore, students through tutoring gain various methods of analysis that will be useful in the forthcoming years.

Overall, a visual piece is a culmination of various complicated techniques that combine to explain both meaning and overall validity of the picture in question. At Master Coaching this formative exploration of visuals therefore is a progressive building of knowledge seen throughout every lesson. This form of tutoring allows for students to gain a progressive knowledge of key concepts widely seen in all visual texts while maintaining its relevance to texts studied in class.

This building of knowledge towards visuals is extremely useful as it allows for students to be aware of various analytical skills needed to attempt higher levels of English. Therefore, at Master Coaching students are fully immersed in the analysis and explanation of why different pieces choose to include various techniques. In turn it can be viewed that the importance of this tutoring method promotes understanding.

Moreover, this promotion of knowledge through this tutoring method means that students a more encompassing view of the importance of analysis in English. Master Coaching fosters this learning environment in allowing for students to be stimulated and reinvigorated in the exploration of such visual texts. This therefore meaning that students have an ability to explore the effects of the techniques discussed rather then just limiting themselves general techniques.

Master Coaching therefore view this as a foundational concept of all teaching in which students should be focussing knowledge on an exploration of understanding effects rather then just techniques. This ability to convey such techniques in depth to gain a further level of effective knowledge is what is perceived to be the main goal at Master coaching.

Therefore, students through tutoring at Master Coaching will gain a more all encompassed view of how techniques can revolutionise their own personal understanding of the importance of visuals in English. This level of detail given to this aspect of English is a differential in students having the ability to gain further confidence in the consideration of all texts. As imagery is one of the foundational techniques used in most creative writing pieces as well as even being seen as a guide for students own creative pieces.

Thus, it can clearly be seen that at Master Coaching great care is given to the exploration of visuals being an important fundamental concept in English. Furthermore, then this the ability for tutoring to encourage this often neglected concept will further a students knowledge and enhance learning.

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Master Coaching offers one on one tutoring for HSC English. We are located in Hurstville, Sydney, and also offer online tutoring for students across NSW.

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