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No matter what level of English all the way from Kindergarten all the way up to year 12 students will need to face the fundamental concept of poetry in all of its forms. Poetry is something in which many students view as challenging although with the guidance of the skilful coaches at master coaching one will be able to navigate the usually complicated nature of poetry.

poetryPoetry is something in which needs to be compartmentalised into to smaller sections to fully gain meaning and appreciation for what is being said. The most fundamental thing in which students forget to engage with is the context in which each poet has written his or her poem. This although sounds a simple concept with allow students to gain an overall better and more encompassing view of the text. Thus, this can be seen to give a foundation of understanding as a contemporary text will usually be exploring those issues which are modern concerns. This contrasts with historic poems from the past which convey a consideration of contextual concerns.  Therefore context is something which all students need to consider to gain a more encompassed viewpoint upon any text that is written.

Furthermore, poetry needs to be initially read always for meaning rather then just for a purpose of ‘study’. This therefore means that students while reading a poem or analysing a poem should always be on the look out for various key signposts in a poets writing. These signposts can be conveyed through various motifs or even a constant reoccurrence of various techniques leading to deeper meaning. Thus, one can interpret from a critical analysis  of the poetry they are reading that meaning stems from a poets choice of specific words and techniques.

poetry-HSC-English-TutoringTechniques again formulate as another key factor that allows for a student to gain further meaning for the texts they are exploring. This exploration of the text in finding techniques forms one of the mot important steps of understanding. As furthermore then understanding the text one needs to gain a deeper level of appreciation and understanding in what the techniques are telling the audience. Therefore, a student should always initially be looking towards viewing what tense and person the poem is written in. This although seemingly simple means that a student is aware of who wrote the text and in what context. Thus, with this information one can ultimately consider what the purpose of the text was and fundamentally consider how the techniques fit into explaining the overall text.

Therefore, poetry is a challenging text which needs to be approached by students with careful consideration. At Master Coaching though great care is taken in preparing students to fully appreciate how poetry is important in conveying complex and articulate ideas.

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