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The ability for a student to analyse films in a successful and worthwhile is a fundamental skill needed by all students throughout every level of English. This multifaceted ability is more then identification of techniques but furthermore being able to appreciate the fundamental ability to interpret the meaning behind the use of these concepts.

This ability of analysing films is taught directly at Master Coaching which reflects the inherent desire towards allowing students to gain a more encompassed view upon why it is important. In turn this ability is important in allowing students to view a text in a dynamic and fully immersed way such that students can gain direct meaning. This meaning further enhances students with the knowledge needed to link to the conceptual concerns in which they are exploring in class.

Thus, at Master Coaching films are given adequate care in which to assess the importance of each film on its merit. This furthermore allows students to engage with and appreciate the value of films in pertaining deeper knowledge.

The ability to analyse films comes through the concept of picking out techniques. Though this is where most students will encounter issues as they are unable to link these techniques to any valid explanation. This validity of answering formulates through students being able to appreciate the ability of techniques to have various effects as well as meaning. Therefore, students at Master Coaching are given the ability to further their knowledge as well as incorporate this learnt knowledge into the content being taught.

This would in effect mean if a student was to identify a low angle shot more then just being a low angle shot this is actually a representation of dominance or superiority. Therefore, this technique and effect would need to be further exemplified through the use of the technique in linking to the point being made. This in turn means that at Master Coaching great care is given to content as well as  a focus is given towards actually explaining these techniques.

In summation, at Master coaching students are given a focus towards identifying techniques and challenged to explain these further. This ability to fully explore an effect therefore allows students to have a better all encompassing view of how films fit into the overall knowledge of HSC English. Therefore, with the guidance and tutoring at Master Coaching students will be guided towards achieving there very best in an all encompassing and positive learning environment.

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Master Coaching offers one on one tutoring for HSC English. We are located in Hurstville, Sydney, and also offer online tutoring for students across NSW.

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