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physics past papers

Using HSC physics past papers is an excellent strategy to prepare for the exam. Completing these tests can give you an idea of what questions to expect. If you come across sections where you struggle, you can turn these into focus areas for your study and get yourself ready for the big day.

HSC Physics Past Papers

YearHSC Physics Exam PaperMarking Guidelines
2021HSC Exam PaperMarking Guidelines
2020HSC Exam PaperMarking Guidelines
2019HSC Exam PaperMarking Guidelines
2018HSC Exam PaperMarking Guidelines
2017HSC Exam PaperMarking Guidelines
2016HSC Exam PaperMarking Guidelines
2015HSC Exam PaperMarking Guidelines
2014HSC Exam PaperMarking Guidelines
2013HSC Exam PaperMarking Guidelines
2012HSC Exam PaperMarking Guidelines
2011HSC Exam PaperMarking Guidelines
2010HSC Exam PaperMarking Guidelines

How to Use the Past Papers

Completing physics past papers helps improve your confidence and dispels some fears you might have about sitting the exam. You can familiarise yourself with how questions are structured and learn how to manage your time efficiently to complete each section effectively.

The more past papers you finish, the more sections you’ll be able to identify as areas you need to focus your studies on. This is why it’s ok not to know the answers when doing past physics tests. When you encounter a question you struggle with, you can adjust your study notes, review chapters from your textbook, speak with your teacher or book time with an HSC physic tutor to help get yourself ready.

While attempting a physics past paper, you should try to simulate a test environment as much as possible. That means setting a timer and completing the practice exam in a location where you won’t get interrupted. Taking this approach will help you:

  • build strategies when you struggle to answer the questions
  • learn how to pace yourself, so you complete the exam
  • come up with tricks to stay calm under the pressure

If you don’t notice any improvement, you should take action immediately. Discuss the struggles with your teacher or reach out to an HSC physics tutor to get the support you need to best prepare yourself for the exam.

The sooner you start using physics past papers, the better prepared you’ll be. So find a quiet place, start the clock and begin your practice exam. Good luck!

HSC Physics Tutors

Master Coaching offers one on one tutoring for HSC Physics. We are located in Hurstville Sydney, and also offer online tutoring to students across NSW.

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