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Students often ask what they can do throughout the term to succeed in HSC Physics. The truth is, every student has their own learning style, but from my experience there are basic things that ALL students need to do to stay on top of their game:


One of the biggest problems students face with Physics is that some concepts are difficult to wrap your head around. Some dot-points cover concepts you can’t possibly have experienced first hand. For example, one of the biggest trouble spots is Einstein’s ‘Special Relativity’ which is covered in the Space topic. The key to understanding is truly engaging with the concepts. If the way your teacher explains something doesn’t help, ask them to rephrase it. Sometimes that’s not enough and your own research is necessary. Ask your tutor, read your textbook, watch some YouTube videos and chat with your peers to help gather multiple perspectives. One person’s way of explaining something is bound to resonate with you. Keep in mind though that the Physics syllabus covers concepts in a basic manner, concepts that require lengthy degrees in Theoretical Physics to properly understand, so don’t confuse yourself with scholarly articles or advanced mathematics! When in doubt, refer back to the dot-points.


Do extensive revision of material you have covered in class to maximise your learning. If, for example, you were taught the Space topic in Term 4, it is a great idea to run through the syllabus dot-point by dot-point and make sure you are comfortable with both skills and content for each. Go through your marked assessments, identify your weaknesses and do practice questions from a textbook or past HSC papers. Another great resource that few students know about is the randomised multiple choice questions you can find on the Board of Studies website. Practice makes perfect and this is most true for HSC Physics!


Get your study notes up to scratch. Make sure you summarise the work you have covered concisely, with clarity and in your own words. Remember that your notes are a personal thing. Good notes are created from scratch using textbooks and classwork as a reference. Using someone else’s notes won’t cut it! Half of the learning comes from creating them yourself. Having your notes up to date means there’s no last minute catchup before your next assessment period!

Physics coaching at Master Coaching is specifically designed to help students do these things. Having a tutor allows for an intimate learning experience. A tutor has the time and attention to teach concepts in a simple way tailored to the student to ensure their understanding. Additionally, coaching sessions include rigorous practice of both written and calculation based questions so topic revision becomes a routine and efficient process. In short, Physics coaching at Master Coaching provides direct and tailored support through a subject that disillusions many.

HSC Physics Tutors

Master Coaching offers one on one tutoring for HSC Physics. We are located in Hurstville Sydney, and also offer online tutoring to students across NSW.

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