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Dramatic texts are ones in which take direct importance in all levels of English. Thus, the ability for a student to interpret and fully immerse himself or herself into the overall ability of a dramatic text will significantly improve their own English skills. Thus, at Master Coaching a focus of tutoring is based directly around a student understanding and interpreting the concept of dramatic texts and there purpose within English.

A dramatic text incorporates a specific structure and differing abilities to tell a story. Thus, this differentiation in conveying a meaning and definition within the construction of a text is something Master Coaching aims to demystify. This is engaging with the concept that many students feel as though they struggle with the more classical inclusions of dramatic texts within the syllabus. Though at Master Coaching specific care is taken through tutoring to engage with and fully incorporate all methods of the text to the student.

The ability to convey all details of the dramatic text to students means that an overall more encompassing view of the text can be gained. This ability to fully understand the text stems from tutoring guiding a students learning to focus on the more important sections of the dramatic text.

Furthermore, Master Coaching allows for students to fully immerse themselves in all relevant techniques relating to dramatic texts. This ability to engage with specific dramatic devices is a direct benefit of exploring a more comprehensive study of the dramatic text. Thus leading to a multifaceted construction of knowledge surrounding the text as well as fully comprehending various aspects of the text. Therefore, at Master Coaching a great level of care in our tutoring is given towards not just comprehending the text but further allowing students to understand why certain choices have been made by the author. This interpretive learning leads to students being more immersed within the overall learning of dramatic texts and techniques in general to comprehend this purpose.

Moreover, Master Coaching’s tutoring style emphasises the construction of students composing pieces of writing surrounding the interpretation of these dramatic texts. In turn this allowance of students to engage with a specific dramatic text relates to students building knowledge as well as comprehending the overall purpose of the text. This ability to both comprehend and write about the text is an essential skill in building knowledge and improving writing. This is an inherent skill which is valid across all levels of English focussing on dramatic texts. Thus, students will be able to develop responses and gain a better idea through tutoring upon how they can improve there individualised writing style.

In turn it is clearly evident that dramatic texts are complex and multifaceted. Although at Master Coaching great care is taken to engage students in a more encompassed and overall more well informed method of learning these texts.

HSC English tutor

HSC English Tutors

Master Coaching offers one on one tutoring for HSC English. We are located in Hurstville, Sydney, and also offer online tutoring for students across NSW.

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