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Year 3 – 6 Tutoring for OC and Selective High School

Every parent wishes to offer the best education to their child. From the very early stages of childhood, the kids are groomed to firstly get through OC that is the opportunity classes. When they qualify for OC, the pressure to qualify NAPLAN comes up, and finally, qualifying the selective high school exams becomes a major challenge for the kids and their parents. Master Coach is one of the best educational support systems for your child from early childhood, offering OC class tutoring, NAPLAN, as well as selective high school tutoring in Sydney.

Attending the schools gives you the outline of what such classes are all about. But, to delve deeper inside and extract the knowledge to face these hurdles of education needs a good private tutor. Tutoring helps in understanding the hidden potential within the child. Every child is different and have their own sets of dos and don’ts. In the school, when your child is preparing within a big group of students, it comes difficult for the educator to judge a particular child. When your child is helped with proper OC class tutoring and later selective high school tutoring, the tutor deals with your child in a smaller group or on one to one basis. This helps a good tutor to mold your child according to his potentials and abilities.

OC Class Tutoring

When a child is in year 3 at school, he starts preparing for the opportunity classes which is aimed at scholastically exceptional students in year 5 and 6. To do well in the opportunity classes exam, we help your child to develop their skills by assessing their ability in pattern decoding, critical comprehension, logical deductions, expanding vocabulary, and more. The earlier you start, the better are your chances of achieving the best results. Our tutors are experienced to assist the students in OC class tutoring that includes learning time management, exam strategies, trial and error through an enjoyable learning atmosphere.

NAPLAN Tutoring

What does NAPLAN stand for? It stands for the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy. NAPLAN is a test for the Australian students that can be taken in the third, fifth, seventh, and the ninth year. It is an assessment of the students on the basis of writing, reading, language conventions, and numeracy. Each student faces 4 NAPLAN but in the 4th NAPLAN at 9, it is essential to achieve band 8 in order to qualify for ATAR at HSC.

If you want your kids to get admission in a favorite selective high school, we offer NAPLAN and selective high school tutoring to ensure that your child’s weaknesses and strengths are evaluated accurately to help him cross the NAPLAN test easily at one go. We include both creative and factual writings, new vocabulary, clear mathematics concepts, innumerable revisions, and more to absorb the lessons at ease.

Selective High School Tutoring

To help the students get a placement in selective high school, our selective high school tutoring programs are interactive based with the development of scan reading, advance understanding of crucial concepts like area and volume, algebra, patterns, shapes, general knowledge, time & distance, geography, etc. All our tutors are experienced teachers who are well adept in their respective subjects like Maths, English, Science, and more.

Master Coach ensures a fun-filled, yet thorough learning experience with activity based OC class tutoring and selective high school tutoring culture. We help students to be confident to overcome their weaknesses and understand their strengths, ensure a smooth upward learning curve in every phase of their schooling process. Let your child enjoy the learning journey and perform their best at exams with a speacial boost from Master Coaching.

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