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After going through years 7-10 un-phased by the type and level of work I was hit by the change that came in year 11 and year 12. By the end of year 10 I had very high aspirations for my HSC year when things weren’t going as planned in year 11 I sought help from Harry knowing the high success rate of master coaching. In year 11 I was barely passing my mathematics 3-unit exams struggling with the work and level concepts. After 2 years together with Harry I increased my mark from a fail to an 88 (a high Band 5) in the HSC in 3-unit math’s and 88 in 2-units math’s. This increased my mark from 16th to 2nd in 3-unit and from 30th to 5th in 2-unit. I found that the dedication, knowledge and support that was provided at Master coaching helped in the hard times when school seemed to have passed me by.

During year 12 I had a very keen interest in Chemistry. Whilst I had struggled a little in year 11 I knew that to gain the big marks in the HSC I would need an extra edge that master coaching could provide for me over other students in the state. Throughout year 12 in tutoring we had a very strong class which provided the competitive and helpful drive to excel at the work that was given. After a year in chemistry tutoring I went from rank of 10 and average mark of 75 to rank of 2 and a HSC mark of 92. Overall I believe that master coaching was a vital ingredient in my HSC success allowing me to reach an UAI of 99.35 and entrance into Advanced Science and a scholarship under the Talented Student Program at the University of Sydney. I can only offer my greatest thanks and highest regard for the work, effort and dedication that is provided by master coaching which allowed me to get one step closer to fulfilling goals for my future.

Rose-Marie Scarlato

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