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Master coaching was a key element of my success in the HSC. Having achieved an end of year mark in English of around 60 in Year 11, my parents signed me up for tutoring lessons with Elisabeth. She was an brilliant tutor who was able to help me write solid essays and bring forth concepts that I would have never been able to bring forth on my own. I carried on English tutoring throughout the whole of Year 12 and this brought my school marks up from the late 50s to the late 80s by the end of the year. Without her help I never would have achieved a high band 5 in English and an atar that was 10 marks over what I expected- leading to me being able to get into my previously thought unattainable dream course of Economics and Arts at Sydney University. I would recommend Master Coaching to anyone struggling with English in the HSC- and would particularly like to commend Harry for his support throughout the year and Elisabeth for all her outstanding help as a tutor!

H. Tayeb

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