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I first attended Master Coaching for the selective high school test in Years 5 and 6. This was a huge help and so I decided to come back in Years 11 and 12 for Math’s Advanced and Extension 1 classes. I am currently half way through Year 12 at Caringbah High school. Attending just once a week has improved my understanding of the concepts we learn at school and I am much more confident with harder exam questions. It’s unlike some other tutoring schools that simply bombard you with homework and endless questions; here you can go through whatever you need help with at a pace that suits you. I am very happy with my marks so far and thanks to Master Coaching am ranked in the top ¼ of students at a selective high school for both advanced and extension 1 Math’s. Harry and all the tutors do a great job and the classes are actually enjoyable! I would definitely recommend Master Coaching to other Year 11 and 12 students.


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