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My daughter Chloe a Year 10 Student a few years back was really struggling with Maths, in fact she hated it and was talking about not doing Maths for her HSC. She had limited options for her subject selections, so i encouraged her to give Maths a go. This is when we began searching for a good tutor. Harry from Master Coaching come highly recommended.

She started tutoring and within a few months was keen and even liking it again. The tutor was responsible for giving her a way of looking at Maths differently a new perspective therefore making it easy to understand. She went on to do 2 unit Mathematics for her HSC  and excelled with a very decent 89% mark in her final exam.

Without a doubt it would not have been possible without the help of the tutoring she received at Master Coaching.

Our thanks to Harry and his team of professional tutors.


Dora Mourdoukoutas

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