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Do you want to improve your writing skills? Are you an ESL or English As Second Language student? Are you struggling to comprehend different spheres of English language? Want to write the best to drive excellent results in your examination? Do you want to ace in OC Class Exam , Selective High School, HSC, NAPLAN, UMAT and other academic exams with impactful written skills? If the answer is a BIG YES, then Master Coach will help you improve your writing skills and meet the requirements to the core.


We are providing a strategic, illustrative, core-value based, comprehensive and individualised writing skill development courses, especially for ESL students. Even if you are not an ESL student but wanted to perfect your academic writing skills; looking for source of help and guidance to excel in every aspect of your academic life, then enroll in our writing skill development course. The course is aimed to help students to improve their grammar and academic writing skills.


The writing skill development course at Master Coach is designed to enable students to improve their English writing and usage skills for academic purposes. The aim of this particular course is to coach, train and support ESL and other students in their English writing skills. The course is inclusive of brainstorming, grammar, thesis development, outlines, citation, paper formatting, proofreading, editing techniques, preliminary research, reference and more. Students have to undergo reading comprehension sessions, oral presentations, written and verbal communication development procedure.


We at Master Coach are thoroughly aware of the importance of English academic writing. Students need constant training to learn the art of writing because it is an integral part of every academic examination – be it OC Class Exam, Selective High School, NAPLAN, HSC or UMAT. If you wish to hone your English writing skills and achieve academic excellence, then enroll in our writing study program. The course is customised as per student needs and conducted in a small group of up to 10 student only per classroom environment. Our tutors are trained, skilled, certified and experienced to administer the best and comprehensive guidelines and train ESL and other students to build a strong English writing calibre, which they can utilise in working on thesis, paper, projects and more…


Master Coach is located in Hurstville, centre to all southern sydney suburbs. Our centre comprises of a support classroom setting, where we house no more than 15 students in every classroom. The result of such a classroom environment is magnificent because it gives our tutor team immense opportunity to focus on students, give them their undivided attention, learn more about their issues and guide them to solve the problems more effectively. If you are an ESL student or a regular student who wish to get an added advantage over your writing skills, then join our customised writing courses program. Enroll in our writing course, compartmentalised and divided into distinct groups – and avail the best training opportunities from certified and skilled teachers employed at our Master Coach centre. Call us today and get in touch with us or visit our centre directly to learn more about the writing program, get to know our tutors and more.

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