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My daughter attended the year 5 selective class at Master Coaching Hurstville and I am pleased to announce she has just been accepted into CaringbahHigh School for year 7 next year (2015). Caringbah High was our first choice, but her mark of 218 was enough for her to be able to go to her second choice of St.George Girls High as well.

I can honestly say that sending her to Master Coaching was the best decision I have ever made. She received Band 6’s in all academic areas in her Naplan results for year 5 and I know she learned a lot of tips from Master Coaching that helped her achieve this fantastic result. She is now so much more confident leading up to exams and appears to be less stressed as well.

I remember my daughter coming home from school one day very excited because she had sat a reading exam and said that she felt she did well because she remembered what she had been taught at Master Coaching about reading the questions first and then the text. She has learned time management skills that have also helped a great deal. I have noticed her general knowledge has grown stronger and she doesn’t seem as nervous prior to academic testing.

I’d like to thank all the dedicated staff at Master Coachingfor their fantastic teaching methods (special mention to Dianne) and for giving my daughterthe confidence she needed to sit the selective school test and I know she will take the skills she has learned with her throughout her future schooling.

Mrs Harris

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