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My name is Charlie Setiawan of Blakehurst High School, and I attended Master Coaching in 2007. I can happily vouch for the quality of Master Coaching Hurstville, and its coach, Harry Athanasatos.

A few weeks after the HSC trial examinations, I was quite disappointed with my internal marks in both HSC Chemistry and Mathematics subjects. In order to boost my marks for the final round, I needed an effective tutor who is both effective and professional. Harry satisfied those criteria and has done a great job in teaching!

Harry is a friendly and professional teacher who has done an excellent job in assisting me to attain higher marks than I previously thought myself capable of achieving. His specialised, personalised way of teaching provided me with broad knowledge and profound understanding in both subjects. I am particularly pleased with my final Chemistry mark, moving up from fifth to third position at my school. My internal assessment was 88 and my external examination mark was 90, achieving a Band 6! I would not be able to score a Band 6 in Chemistry without Harry’s expertise, assistance and endless practice. Similarly in Mathematics, without his dedication, 79% would have been unthinkable, considering Mathematics has been my worst enemy.

Charlie Setiawan

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