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Master Coaching Hurstville is overall an excellent tutoring service that has provided immense support and guidance over the past several years. Approaching Master Coaching in 2018 I saw an extreme improvement in both my results particularly in English and Mathematics and my confidence in relation to these subjects. 

Not only was I able to excel at school against my peers, but I was also able to refine my understanding on minor details in both these subjects where I subsequently obtained an ATAR of 96.45 in the HSC. 

The tutors at Master Coaching did not just merely provide guidance and support within the classroom but also worked immensely out of the classroom, answering emails and messages for all questions, big or small. This support furthered my understanding as a student, enabling me to feel more at ease when approaching school examinations.

It is without a doubt that my successes as a student stem from the dedication and commitment of the tutors that Harry provides through his tutoring service. I can confidently say that Harry’s Master Coaching was key to achieving my desired results. 

Maja Baricevic

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