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Master coaching Hurstville has helped me develop many abilities that have and will continue to assist me in future exams such as the HSC. Such abilities such as being able to distinguish where marks are held within the question, carefully reading the question and different ways to create study notes that will allow less difficulty in understanding different concepts. These abilities were developed with the help of my biology tutor Michelle who thoroughly honed these skills which resulted in my development as a better student, in preparation for the HSC. Furthermore, the help of my Chemistry tutor Harry taught me many aspects and nuances of chemistry that made it easier to not only comprehend, but also many ways in which to calculate different questions that were different to the techniques taught by my teacher, but significantly better by a large margin. He didn’t just tell me what happens when explaining the different concepts in chemistry, but also why and how it happens; these extra few steps have established a strong basis of my understanding of chemistry that will later come into fruition as I make my journey towards the HSC. My tutors have brought life and more joy to these subjects than ever before, in which I now look forward to lessons and enjoy the exposure to new and challenging concepts; whilst also overcoming such challenges in future questions, that the frustration of getting answers wrong is overcome by the satisfaction of finding the correct answer. If there is one thing I learnt, it’s that failing is one step closer to getting the correct answer.

C. Eusebio

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