OC Preparation

The OC (Opportunity Class) is aimed at academically gifted & talented students in Year 5 and 6. The placement test is done in Year 4 (July or August), and consists of two parts – assessing a student’s mixed ability in English, Mathematics and their General Ability. Master Coaching offers an intense program to increase students’ chances at aiming for a placement in these OC classes.

About Our OC Classes

Our OC classes begin by consolidating a student’s knowledge foundation. This aims to develop a student’s skills in:

  • Pattern decoding
  • Logical deductions
  • Expanding vocabulary
  • Syntax and grammatical knowledge
  • Critical comprehension
  • Diagrammatic approach to problem solving
  • Other various concepts of money, fractions, percentages, order of operations, consumer arithmetic, area, volume, shapes, solids etc

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Students then progress to weekly trial drills which are presented in the same format and with the conditions of the actual test. This assists students with exam strategies such as time management, trial and error and scan-reading, so that they are prepared for the official exam. Results obtained from the tests are then used to assist us in developing new and more effective coaching strategies for our students.

Ideal candidates should preferably:

  • Be enthusiastic and love learning
  • Enjoy challenging problem solving work
  • Use critical thinking to solve difficult patterns and problems
  • Have a sharp eye for detail and a durable memory
  • Have existing knowledge and application of algebra and other higher order algorithm skills
  • Gain satisfaction after learning something new
  • Have a high aptitude to work beyond their expected level

Suitable candidates should commence the course early in Year 3 to achieve maximum results.