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Throughout the world, everyone engages with a web of business activities to design, produce, market, deliver and support goods and services. In addition, investors, consumers, and employees also depend on businesses.

Business Studies encompasses both theoretical and practical aspects of business in contexts which students will encounter throughout their daily lives. It will provide them with the skills required to plan a small business to management of operations, marketing, finance and human resources in large businesses. The course also analyses contemporary businesses and their strategies to lay an excellent foundation for students in future employment and tertiary study.

Master Coaching will provide students with the essential knowledge and skills to be able to tackle any Business Studies problem. The course is taught with a stimulating and relevant framework for students to apply their theory to a range of real-life business scenarios. Students will develop research analysis, problem-solving and critical thinking skills which will enhance their confidence and performance in the HSC.

Business Studies for Year 11

Year 11 Business Studies revolves around allowing students to build the essential skills and knowledge of preliminary business concepts, terminology, and jargon. This course offers learning from the nature of businesses, business management and the planning of a small business.

Module 1 – The Nature of Business

The Nature of Business offers an introductory course into familiarising students with the world of business. Students learn about the role of businesses in society, type of businesses and influences on the business environment which affect business growth and decline. Master Coaching will be able to help students achieve their highest marks and solidify their foundation for the rest of Stage 6 Business Studies course by utilising both hypothetical and contemporary business case studies to teach essential examination, study and preparation skills to students which can be applied to future business case issues.

Module 2 – Business Management

Business Management focuses on the internal management aspect of business. Students learn about management approaches, the process and change management to help them develop skills of a leader and what is required to achieve business goals. Master Coaching will use a variety of case studies ranging from large corporate companies to SMEs to give an in-depth overview of how businesses should be managed. These essential skills will also allow students to gain practical experience and prepare them for Module 3 and the HSC.

Module 3 –  Business Planning

Business Planning focuses on small to medium enterprises and the business planning process. This course provides students with the foundation for the four HSC topics – Operations, Marketing, Finance and Human Resources. Master Coaching will help students synthesise their knowledge of Year 11 by having students prepare a business plan and present it into a report format. This allows students to understand the critical issues in business success and failure and also gives students real experience in starting their own business.

Master Coaching encourages weekly homework, assessments and participation in relevant extra-curricular activities will enhance a student’s understanding of the business environment. Personalised feedback will be provided to identify areas of misconception so students can improve and solidify their foundation for Year 12.

Business Studies for Year 12

From the strong foundation of relevant examination, study and problem solving skills learned in Year 11, the Business Studies course in Year 12 will apply theses to business management situations for large business. The topics operations, marketing, finance and human resources will be taught with contemporary business issues and case studies. This course is centred around the NSW Syllabus content to provide HSC students a useful framework to create their study notes. Business studies also provides useful knowledge and competencies for life by assisting students to think critically about the role of business.

Module 1 – Operations

Operations focuses on the production of goods/services. This module allows students to understand the core product of businesses and the processes behind how goods are transformed from inputs to outputs. Additionally, a contemporary case study will be used to allow students to apply their theoretical knowledge to a real case and create strategies to solve business problems. As each topic has the same format, the examination, study and preparation skills taught by Master Coaching in this module will be transferrable to the other three HSC modules.

Module 2 – Marketing

Marketing focuses not only on advertising and selling but also the design of products, pricing, and distribution. This broad topic will allow students to understand the reasons why businesses sell products in certain ways and is very applicable to everyday life. For example, students will learn about psychological pricing which is the reason many prices end in .95 or .99. The module structure replicates Operations and will cover the processes of marketing and then strategies with a contemporary case study. Master Coaching is able to offer a myriad of resources and past questions which will allow students to better prepare for which areas are critical to their success.

Module 3 – Finance

Finance refers to the study of money and how it flows in the business environment. This is typically regarded as one of the hardest topics due to the foreign nature of many of the topics. This topic will cover sources of finance, processes of financial management and strategies with the use of a contemporary business case. Finance/Accounting is referred to as the “language of business” and is an essential topic for students to understand. Master Coaching teaches this topic using real data from companies which will allow students to solidify their understanding of balance sheets, income statements and cash flow.

Module 4 – Human Resources

Human Resources refers to the management of employees within the business. The topic will cover key influences, the hiring process, strategies, and an evaluation of the effectiveness of human resources. This will also be supplemented with a contemporary case study where students can apply their knowledge. Master Coaching will provide up-to-date statistics on the legal framework within this module and summaries to allow students to grasp the most important concepts in lengthy legislation. This will give students more time for preparation and improvement on their examination techniques.

Master Coaching focuses on the NSW Syllabus to provide content and skills which is relevant to the course. The flexibility of lessons allows the student’s weaknesses identified and improved upon. Essential examination, study and problem-solving skills will be taught, providing students with core competencies for their HSC. Past papers and an extended resource bank will allow students to gain experience in examination settings which allows for accurate mock examinations and experience. Additionally, individual student feedback with examples of Band 6 responses will allow students to significantly improve their knowledge and understanding of the course.

Your Business Studies Tutor

Jack Zhou

Bachelor of Commerce / Laws at the University of New South Wales

96 in Business Studies HSC 2015

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