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Higher school certificate Economics involves the culmination and accumulation of numerous sources of data to truly excel at the subject. The ability for students to successfully synthesise this information will result in them having an overall more comprehensive understanding of the subject content. This inherently simple ability to gain more content knowledge can be achieved through students exposing themselves to online articles, economic data, newspapers, data sheets and ABS information. All of these sources can form a basis for which students can extend themselves as well as further their own knowledge on the subject at hand.

Online articles and newspapers culminate in the perfect way in which students can further access more opinions and information on a certain area. Online articles are one of the easiest and simplest forms of economic information to access. Students do not have to search to hard to find numerous sources of economic information on specific subject topics. Furthermore, students who access these articles will gain a greater and more expanded opinion upon important economic concepts. For instance if a student was to research the concept of economic growth online they would find numerous sources of information all feeding into the idea of economic growth. Students who researched articles on this specific topic would have a more expanded opinion on not just domestic economic growth but international economic growth. Thus, expanding students thought process outside of the textbook and further into the global economy as a whole. This expansive use of technology widens student’s ability to see past the textbook as a whole and further embrace how economics isn’t just a domestic concept but rather a global concept. Newspapers in addition allow students to gain a further understanding of current and up to date data in the real world. Newspapers would especially be helpful to students during their intensive study of the budget. This intensive study culminates in students needing to have an in depth knowledge of a current topical issue in which no textbook can provide. Thus, the inclusion of newspapers in their study will allow them to have a comprehensive and more all-encompassing knowledge of the concept.

Economic data is another effective way in which for students to fully embrace and participate in the comprehensive understanding of economics as a subject. This economic data can take place in the form of accessing the Australian Bureau of Statistics and furthermore embracing this data to form an economic understanding. This use of data takes place through the identification of various pieces of data associated with economic growth rates, unemployment rate, inflation rate and many more pieces of writing. All this data can be used specifically to further a student’s knowledge on various economic concepts. For example if a student is interpreting the Human development index it is more beneficial for a country to be closer to 1 then it is 0. Thus, with students identifying this factor they will be able to include this data in their essays as well as gain a wider view on the global economy. This would in effect allow students to identify and compare effectively how Australia’s Human Development Index (HDI) measures up with the rest of the world. Though it would also allow students to draw comparisons and similarities between any countries they would like and comprehend the vast differences that are seen in the global economy.

In summation, it is vastly evident that a student’s ability to comprehend this extra data will be inherently valuable for those who intertwine this knowledge with the textbook.

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