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The subject of economics although versatile, multifaceted and diverse still pertains to the standard expectation of students, to compose essays. This ability of students to produce coherent essays takes specific skills and ability particular to economics. Thus, this ability relies on students engagement with the various content areas, external data and also concurrent areas news as examples for points made.

For students attempting to complete or construct an essay there is two specific methods to produce such a piece of writing; report format or essay format. Report format allows for students to segment their work in to specific sections including giving specific sub headings to various aspects of the essay. Additionally with this method of writing students will be able to create a linear construction of the topic area they are discussing throughout the essay. Though, this can also create negativity from the fact that a students essay can be considered one dimensional or simple as it leaves little room for personal opinion. An essay format is the standardised format of essay writing commonly found in all subjects although there are a couple of minor differences. Such differences include students being allowed to directly quote statistics or economically valid sources such as the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA). In addition, students also have the ability to produce scale diagrams of specific aspects they are discussing. Such diagrams would have to be produced with accurate detail and care given to represent the true aspect of what was aimed. In this case diagrams are expected to be no smaller then half an A4 sheet of paper or exam booklet page.

Furthermore, essay writing in economics is unique in the ability for students to interrelate external economic statistics to further consolidate ones point. This referencing of external data will help further a student’s strength of argument while also representing to the marker that the student has a wide knowledge of economics. Thus, students who reference specific pieces of economic data, such as gross domestic product per capita (GDP pc%) or even unemployment rate (U%) all further a student’s essay. Additionally, the inclusion of the data will allow the marker to inherently witness a students understanding of the content area if successfully used. This successful use of data formulates in a student using such data to further the point in which is being explored throughout the academic piece of writing.

Moreover, a student’s inclusion of current and topical economic issues in such pieces of writing will again reflect a deep seeded knowledge base that the student has. Such topical news or current affair issues could of included the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). Though this event mainly occurred in 2008 it is still both a relevant and rather astronomical example of numerous economic concepts. Thus, it can be clearly seen that topical economic issues can give the student an inherent ability to provide examples upon the point they are trying to further or create. In turn if a student uses such examples it will be clear to the marker that the student is a complete and well-informed economics student.

It therefore can clearly be seen that economics essay writing takes numerous skills. Although students with careful construction and wide economic reading can give themselves a head start on how to fully develop and engage the marker to achieve the desired higher bands.

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