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The preliminary English course for both standard and advanced is designed to mimic the HSC course program in order to ensure students become familiar with the content and standard of work expected in year 12. The English tutors at Master Coaching aim to introduce the concepts learnt in year 12 as early as in year 11 so students understand the requirements before the HSC course commences. We do this in order to prepare them in a way that gives each student a head start in their year group.

By approaching the year with an eagerness to learn and determination to work their hardest, students can best prepare for the tasks in year 11 which differ only slightly in difficulty from those issued in year 12. If the assessments are treated seriously and constructive feedback is taken into consideration for future tasks, year 11 students can put into practice the newly discovered areas of improvement to ensure such weaknesses are worked upon and avoided in the future. At Master Coaching, we ensure students receive ample feedback through the continual editing of homework, assessment tasks and review of marked exam papers. We expand on the general feedback usually issued by teachers in a way that is specific and personalised to the student, which will give them a better indication as to how they can make steady progress in the future.

Year 11 students should listen intently to the instructions and advice of their classroom teacher and take thorough notes during class throughout the entire year. A compilation of these notes will lay the foundation and save time when studying for assessment tasks along the way. Never hesitate to ask questions! By writing practice essays (and getting them marked by a teacher), students who take initiative will see the greatest improvement through a process of continual practice. Similarly, asking the teacher where marks were lost in exams will assist students in identifying areas of improvement. Furthermore, asking for help from a tutor will benefit students by receiving several perspectives on an issue whereby a teacher’s opinions may be complimented or challenged by a tutor, encouraging the student to expand their horizon of thinking.

By reattempting exams and rectifying the weaknesses, students are implementing new strategies to improve their writing and make progress. It is crucial that students allow adequate time to prepare for English assessments, as thought-provoking ideas and thorough work will only develop over much dedicated thought and time. Seeking outside help from a tutor is often an effective way to ensure that what a student is writing makes sense to another reader. Overall, good students can be defined as being organised, well prepared and taking responsibility for their own work. They will seek assistance from teachers when possible, alongside the advice of their tutor, and dedicate a couple hours a week additionally to English study, whether it is writing a practice essay, working on identifying language techniques in their text of study or making notes for an upcoming assessment task. Working hard in year 11 will only make year 12 easier by a process of repetition, where assessment tasks become less overwhelming due to a familiarity gained from the skills acquired in the preliminary course.

HSC English tutor

HSC English Tutors

Master Coaching offers one on one tutoring for HSC English. We are located in Hurstville, Sydney, and also offer online tutoring for students across NSW.

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