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Hamlet is a fairly common option chosen by numerous schools to be studied in module B. Hamlet is a complex playwright that forms as an in depth study of drama alone. Importantly this means that no related text or additional texts will be needed. At master coaching Hamlet is an important and detailed text that at Master coaching focuses on in great emphasis.

This great focus ruminates with the various other texts which students study across this module as a close study of text. Furthermore, Hamlet is considered a close study of text, as the detail explored throughout will be in a great level of detail, considering such aspects of social, cultural and historical contexts. At Master coaching we always reinforce with students the level of pre-reading is vast but essential to achieve the marks you desire.

Hamlet is a text that further challenges students to engage with the play in a deeper sense. This includes students having there own interpretation of what some of the key acts portray. As well as students being able to combine this knowledge of text with various external views, especially those of critics. Critics in turn provide a researched and knowledgeable opinion upon the interpretation of the text itself. These critics form their basis on complex and multifaceted constructs that without help can seem daunting and ultimately ‘impossible’.

Though with the help of Master coaching students can consolidate their knowledge with privatised help in an one on one environment. This is so that students will be able to ask questions and investigate specific critics that assist with their informed view of the text. Although students must always be aware that not all critics are to be fully consolidated as truth but rather students should mix their own concepts with that of the critics to make their essay a more comprehensive and valid argument.

This use of critics furthers a students ability to develop an essay in which is textually integral and further achieves the top bands in which they aim for. At Master coaching this mixture of self-direction and critical viewpoints are explored through private one on one tuition in an environment that is conducive to learning. Further, the individual help would assist students in being able to formulate an opinion while also mixing this perceptive view with one of the critic’s knowledge. In turn tutoring in this area of the course allows students to have a cornerstone of learning and a more personalised lesson tailored to the area the student feels they need it most. A student further needs to develop an interpretation of the text to excel at this module of the course. Though this may seem daunting at first with the help of Master Coaching one can see how this complex task can turn into a relatively easy one. Students rather then struggle through this topic themselves have a platform for which they can attain the best result possible.

Thus, an ability to engage with the contexts as well as formulating an opinion on the text would be thoroughly explored throughout tutoring sessions. In turn Master coaching can be considered the basis or extension of learning on this topic. Students therefore after getting help from Master Coaching will find a greater confidence in approaching the HSC English paper, especially module B.

By Mitchell (English coach 7-12)

HSC English tutor

HSC English Tutors

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