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Students inevitably have to handle the concept of sitting English paper one a minimum of two times (trial and HSC) throughout the course of year 12. This inevitable sitting of the paper must be approached with considerable practice.

The paper one exam is student’s first examination and forms 5-% of the overall Higher School Certificate English exam mark. Students must be mindful of what this paper consists of before they attempt the paper. This paper includes, one short answer comprehension section, one creative response (usually narrative/short story) and finally students must write an essay on discovery.

Each component of this test forms its basis upon the concept of discovery and the various aspects of discovery that form from a consideration of the individual, groups and society. In effect a student for this paper must have a complete and informed understanding upon discovery. This in depth understanding can be achieved through a deeper understanding of the content knowledge at hand through one on one tuition.

At Master coaching this private one on one tuition is personalised as to specifically target the areas in which that student needs help in. Furthermore, students are able to gain a greater knowledge base through this personalised help. This personalised help further allows for students to gain a greater understanding of discovery. Thus this help is considered worthwhile as the specific construction of the course means that students must choose a related text. This choice of related text can be a daunting choice to make as there are so many choices and so many mediums in which to choose from.

Although, with the help of private HSC English tutoring from Master coaching a student can engage with a valid and multi faceted related text. The related text choice further would be able to reflect an all-encompassing discovery that would be valid to attain to any concept of discovery. In turn if a student makes a well-informed decision for a related text they will be able to mould their response around any question that they encounter upon discovery. This choice of a related text can be furthered through an in depth deconstruction of the chosen related text. This personalised help can be specifically achieved through the private tuition that Master coaching provides. Students would be further benefited through being able to see the thought process and consideration of how to accurately deconstruct any text.

Furthermore, the essence of discovery in itself will be further engaged from a deeper deconstruction of both the essential and related texts. Thus, the concept of deconstructing of any text in this course can be subsequently seen to be beneficial through personalised help. This personalised help can be seen to allow students to build confidence in the areas of deconstruction. In addition to deconstructing a text simply a further skill must be learnt by explaining the meaning behind the choices of the composers to include specific techniques. This concept can be taught in depth through private tuition. Thus, Master coaching provides students a platform for which pupils can form a greater and more in depth understanding of paper one.

HSC English tutor

HSC English Tutors

Master Coaching offers one on one tutoring for HSC English. We are located in Hurstville, Sydney, and also offer online tutoring for students across NSW.

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