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Throughout school my maths grades have not been anything spectacular, so as the HSC year drew closer and closer, I decided it was time to find a tutor. My parents and I tried various other well-known coaching branches, but we felt that their approach did not tackle problem areas of weaknesses head on. Often they were more worried about their business than the education of their students.

We looked to the internet, and there we found Master Coaching, run by Harry. I was sceptical at first; since at other major branches I was not able to find the right tutor for me, I doubted that such a small business would be able to do anything for me.

After a few maths lessons with Harry, I quickly let go of my doubts. The progressive lessons, combined with Harry’s extensive knowledge of the HSC 12 2U Mathematics course enabled me to feel more at ease when tackling maths problems for homework as well as during assessments.

Come HSC, I felt well prepared. I sat the examination, and my efforts were rewarded with a band 6 in mathematics. With the help of Harry at Master Coaching, I was able to achieve a rank I felt was a long way out of my reach. Harry, I can’t thank you enough.

Susanne Peng

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