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My son Harrison had been struggling with his grades in high school Maths and English, and required help. After searching for a local tutor I decided to give Harry’s Master Coaching a try to lift my sons grades. After only 6 months my sons grades had gone from bottom of his grade/ way below average to well above average, with assessment results starting to reach top of his grade (year 9) post mid year. What a dramatic difference in such a short amount of time. Harry did a great and professional job in assessing my son to suit his tutoring needs and requirements. The tutoring team are friendly, efficient, very knowledgeable and helpful. I would strongly recommend Harry’s Master Coaching to any parent who is either concerned for their child’s grades, or wishes them to progress further in their studies. My son goes to a top private school that has failed to provide good grades. Only Harry’s Master Coaching has been successful in turning this around and giving my son any hope or chance of a bright future. This has been an invaluable necessity to my child’s education, and I would urge any parent who wants to see their child succeed to give Harry’s Master Coaching a try.

Paul C

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