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After just three months with Harry I have achieved beyond my expectations. Deciding to embark on the journey of 3 unit maths 8 weeks behind was a risky decision, and my teachers, my parents and I had doubts. Only Harry was, not only optimistic, but confident of a turnaround. He exclaimed “John if you don’t pass 3 unit I will close this place down!”

His words of wisdom were my virtue and his determination inspired me to achieve. He constantly reminded me of my potential and my ability in mathematics which boosted my confidence. In my most recent assessment I came 2nd in my class blitzing the average by over 40%, I owe it to Harry as he motivated me to be where I am today and still reminds me not to become complacent. I have no hesitation in recommending Harry strongly to anyone in struggle or wishing to improve their skills in mathematics.

A normal mathematics teacher would be perceived as a boring person with no sense of humour; Harry is very different in this category. He makes learning fun and makes your goal his goal. He is able to push you to challenge yourself but does so in a relaxed personal manner. You feel as though he is your friend and he genuinely wants you to succeed.

John Stathis

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