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First up I would really like to say thank you so much for all the help you have given me. Before I started at Master Coaching, my scores in physics were way below average, with my scores being as low as 8/60 for one test. It’s obvious that physics was my least favourite subject, and one that I definitely had no passion for. Plus, being school captain of Sydney Technical High School, I was constantly busy with something, so perhaps my physics scores suffered because of that.

However after my mum enrolled me at Master Coaching, I found that after just one lesson I actually enjoyed physics. Zac, my physics tutor, taught in an extremely comprehensive and clear way, but what really makes Zac and Master Coaching stand out the most is; they actually cater to what you need and what you don’t understand.

I completed my external HSC physics exam yesterday. I went into the exam confident, and came out feeling even more so. Prior to my exam I could barely make it through just one or two questions… In the multiple choice section alone. After just three weeks with Zac and Harry I was able to make it through an entire paper from multiple choice to short response/extended response and finally to my elective topic, Quanta to Quarks.

Thanks again Harry for improving my skill in physics, my confidence in the subject and for providing a truly unforgettable learning experience. Anyone and everyone should definitely give Master Coaching a go.

John Li

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