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During the Higher School Certificate (HSC) many students struggle with the same questions and types of concern that forms considerable concern throughout the HSC.

These questions can include:

“Why are we doing this?” or “What is the point of the HSC?” or even “Why is there so many things to remember?”

HSC-tutorThese questions are all valid and worthwhile feelings to be experiencing through this final year of your schooling experience. Though students can negate or answer these questions of insecurity through a process of self-motivation and constant hard work. Those Students, who maintain a valid sense of motivation throughout their final year of school, feel as though they have a more confident transition through year 12. Furthermore, this sense of self-motivation can take effect through numerous techniques or methods.

It is always important to remember that motivation has its foundations set on students being able to set goals for themselves. These goals for example could include such things as attaining a specific ATAR score i.e. attaining an ATAR above ninety or even student attaining a specific mark set out at the start of the year. A tip in which makes this task easier, for example could include a student doing prior research to identify what ideal course they wish to study in a tertiary institution. For example a student who wishes to study a bachelor of arts should first check what ATAR they roughly need to attain their own goal and then keep this goal in an easily visible area such as your desk that you usually study at. This will ensure that every time you stare up at the wall which will inevitably happen one will be able to see what all the hard work and effort is for. Thus, students who find this ATAR or course goal will notice they are more intrinsically motivated. As in students will fell as though they are self-motivated and working towards some sort of realistic goal.

A further way to emphasise ones goals would be through students creating a goal sheet or hart. On this chart or sheet can be essential or main aim of the student for their HSC. This may seem like a simple concept but this simple action in itself can create a focal point for a student to strive towards. This is furthered by a student placing this motivation in a place that is clearly seen ideally above their desk. The student in turn through this simple action has given themselves direction and also ultimately a focus for why they are doing year 12.

A student also can motivate themselves through simple short term actions. These actions can include rewarding yourself or even simply giving yourself more sleep. All these short term motivational effort allows for students to see immediate results for study being more successfully completed. Overall, the student’s ability to motivate themselves and be determined will have a considerable effect on HSC results. The use of various concepts of motivation will ensure students have a direction as well as understanding that they are working hard for something.

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