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Girl studying, perhaps for the selective high school test

This list of selective high school tests is an excellent tool for your test preparation. Doing past papers is an great way to find gaps in your knowledge and become familiar with the style of questions asked in the selective high school placement test.

How to Use the Past Papers

Simply having a look at the past papers and familiarising yourself with the style of questions and time frames given can help you get a better understanding of what lies ahead of you. This can take away the fear of the exam itself and better prepare you for the types of questions you will be asked.

You may want to set aside study time to attempt a past paper and highlight any questions you do not know the answer to. Do not be alarmed if there are questions you don’t know the answer to, that is exactly why doing a past paper is so useful. Your highlighted question show you what you need assistance with.

For those questions you found challenging, you can:

  • read the answers or explained answers
  • look through your school work to see if you have covered this type of question before
  • ask your teacher or book in with a Selective High School Tutor to help fill these gaps in your knowledge and get you up to speed.

In the lead up to the test, doing regular practice papers can help you make sure you are confident with all of the material covered and help get you practiced at completing the exam efficiently. At this stage creating exam conditions as much as possible, such as setting timer, and not stopping to have a snack or take a break, can help you prepare for situations like:

  • what to do if you don’t know an answer
  • how to keep track of the time so you can complete all of the questions
  • reducing panic and staying calm under pressure

If you still have questions this stage, asking your teacher or talking to an Selective High School Tutor is a good idea.

Selective High School Placement Test Structure

The test consists of four sections and is structured as follows:

Reading4030Multiple choice25%
Mathematical reasoning4035Multiple choice25%
Thinking skills4040Multiple choice35%
Writing301Open response15%

If you are ready to practice under exam condition then taking note of the allocated time frame for each section is a good idea.

Selective High School Test Practice & Past Papers

Provided Practice Tests

The practice test papers indicate the types of questions to expect from the Selective High School Placement Test but are not the questions that will be asked on test day. You can view the questions, the answer sheets, the answers and an explanation of the answers for the multiple choice tests. Practice Writing Tests and answer sheets are also included. Students are expected to write no more than two pages.

SectionLinks to practice tests
ReadingReading sample questions (PDF 476KB)External link

Reading sample answer sheet (PDF 663.5KB)External link

Reading sample answers (PDF 52KB)External link

Explanation of answers – Reading (PDF 521KB)External link
Mathematical reasoningMathematical reasoning sample questions (PDF 1.15MB)External link

Mathematical reasoning sample answer sheet (PDF 651KB)External link

Mathematical reasoning sample answers (PDF 85KB)External link

Explanation of answers – Mathematical reasoning (PDF 997KB)External link
Thinking skillsThinking skills sample questions (PDF 3.54MB)External link

Thinking skills sample answer sheet (PDF 641KB)External link

Thinking skills sample answers (PDF 83KB)External link
Explanation of answers – Thinking skills (PDF 641KB)External link
WritingWriting sample question (PDF 239.5KB)External link

Writing sample answer sheet (627.6KB)External link

Practice tests from the 2022 Selective High School Placement Test

SectionTest links
ReadingReading practice test questions (PDF 612KB)Reading practice test answer sheet (PDF 122KB)Reading practice test answers (PDF 88KB)
Mathematical reasoningMaths practice test questions (1.1 MB)Maths practice test answer sheet (PDF 122KB)Maths practice test answers (PDF 74KB)
Thinking skillsThinking skills practice test questions (PDF 474KB)Thinking skills practice test answer sheet (PDF 123KB)Thinking skills practice test answers (PDF 72KB)
WritingWriting practice test questions (PDF 409KB)Writing practice test answer sheet (PDF 122KB)

Practice tests from the 2021 Selective High School Placement Test

SectionTest links
ReadingReading practice test questions (PDF 1413KB)External linkReading practice test answer sheet (PDF 67KB)External linkReading practice test answers (PDF 85KB)External link
Mathematical reasoningMaths practice test questions (PDF 1.91MB)External linkMaths practice test answer sheet (PDF 67KB)External linkMaths practice test answers (PDF 87KB) External link
Thinking skillsThinking practice test questions (PDF 3MB)External linkThinking practice test answer sheet (PDF 67KB)External linkThinking practice test answers (PDF 85KB)External link
WritingWriting practice test questions (PDF 713KB)External linkWriting practice test answer sheet (PDF 63KB)External link

Selective High School Preparation

Master Coaching offers one on one tutoring selective High school test preparation. We are located in Hurstville Sydney, and also offer online tutoring to students across NSW.

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