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Master Coaching Selective School Preparation Course

Term One Program, 2015

The term one introductory lessons give each student an initial exposure to the type of Mathematics, Reading, Writing and General Ability questions that are part of the Selective School test each year in March. The educational standard in these subject areas is quite high, in my opinion; they are at a late Year 7/early Year 8 level. This is done to differentiate average selective school candidates from higher-achieving ones.

In the first week of term one, we discussed in class the Selective School test, including a breakdown of marks according to subject areas. In my opinion, what differentiates candidates the most is General Ability. The main focus in term one is to allow the students to learn from their errors in sample tests and learn techniques to enhance improvement through practice. We will be doing sample papers and then analysing the answers methodically.

Term One program

  1. Week 1 January 28th: General Ability test and analysis
  2. Week 2 February 4th: General Ability test and analysis
  3. Week 3 February May 11th: Reading test and analysis
  4. Week 4 February 18th: Reading test and analysis
  5. Week 5 February 25th: Mathematics test and analysis
  6. Week 6 March 4th: Mathematics test and analysis
  7. Week 7 March 11th: General Ability test and analysis
  8. Week 8 March 18th: General Ability test and analysis
  9. Week 9 March 25th: Writing test and analysis
  10. Week 10 April 1st: Revision of Term One concepts and methods
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