How We Teach Chemistry

At Master Coaching we assist students to understand the basic concepts of chemistry and apply them in an exam format. We offer chemistry tutor classes that cater for three different types of chemistry learners.

  1. Students that are in an accelerated class at school and are sitting the HSC in year 11
  2. Students who need to understand the basics better so they can be gain confidence and develop exam technique
  3. Advanced students who would like to improve their skills and exam technique, in order to attain a higher mark

chemistry tutor

We have developed simple techniques that greatly increase a  student’s overall understanding of the subject, resulting in  improved  exam results.

In Chemistry, it’s all about how the student’s written response answers the question in a concise and logical manner. The ability to think analytically and scientifically is an absolute must. Students are taught and shown how to evaluate the exam questions and give the most correct response. Past papers are studied and used as an essential tool. Most students see an improvement in their understanding and confidence in chemistry in three to four lessons, which is then further enhanced.

Year 11 Chemistry

In our Year 11 Chemistry course our focus is on assisting students to understand  the main concepts such as calculations, types of reactions, redox reactions and experimental techniques that relate to the syllabus. Each module is carefully explained and key points highlighted. All electives are thoroughly covered, including Forensic Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry and Shipwrecks.

We also undertake several short exams to prepare for the Year 11 yearly exams. A strong foundation in Year 11 is important to Year 12 success. Weekly homework is given to reinforce  the concepts learnt during the coaching sessions. Comprehensive homework feedback, including identification of areas that require further consolidation, is provided.

Year 12 Chemistry

In year 12, the main focus of Chemistry is to extend the concepts of the topics covered in Year 11. These include redox reactions, calculations, writing balanced equations and thinking analytically. Students need to develop these skills throughout Year 12, improving their knowledge and exam technique for the Trials and HSC chemistry exam.

Each student is assessed frequently on each module to ensure they understand every concept and are progressing. Throughout the HSC year students gain an understanding of the work of the industrial chemist, and are able to determine what each HSC question is asking and how best knowledge of a number of concepts is applied.

During each tutoring session the experienced coach will develop model answers for past HSC questions. This allows students to formulate such responses of their own. The electives are covered in depth and students are familiarized with each HSC dot point and given practice under exam conditions.

Your Chemistry Tutor

Our Chemistry Coach is an ex-tutor and lecturer at the University of New South Wales and the University of Technology, Sydney. He has a strong background and interest in the following HSC electives: “Industrial Chemistry”, “Shipwrecks, Corrosion and Conservation” and “Forencic Chemistry”.