Years 1 – 6 Tuition

About the Primary School Tutor

The teacher has over 20+ years teaching experience in all grades kindergarten through to year 6, in Department of Education schools. I have had ten eight years experience in teaching according to the NAPLAN requirements. I believe in treating every student as an individual and having a rapport with students based on respect and building up their self esteem. It is very important for students to feel that you believe in them. I extend the more capable students in all areas and encourage personal bests and growth. I majored in Gifted and Talented curriculum at university and have undergone further study through schools in this area. For students that are struggling I promote a remedial program that builds on the necessary skills needed to succeed academically. I have a very thorough knowledge of both the Maths and English curriculum and have been involved in leading the school and mentoring young and inexperienced teachers.

Mainstream classes are aimed at students in Years 3 to 6 interested in improving their Mathematics and English skills. Students are taught various skills that are important for later school years. Exercises are designed to target their weaknesses while consolidating their foundations in an engaging way. Students are encouraged to bring in school homework to seek assistance.  


  • Valuable foundational skills,  including; graph reading, fractions, decimals, money, conversions, measurements, problem solving and early algebra etc are learnt and continuously strengthened with revision.
  • Specific strategies are taught to ensure students understand which foundational skills to apply when problem solving  
  • Individual problems or errors made during lessons or in their homework are used to plan the next lesson – this ensures student’s learning needs are met.


  • Essential comprehension skills are taught, students are trained to pick out relevant information from passages to understand flow of text
  • High order critical thinking beyond the literal meaning into deeper messages within written texts is taught
  • Students are taught about the various text types that they may come across including expositions, letters, narratives, poetry, speeches and creative writing
  • Students are taught how to write with specific purpose and audience in mind
  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation are practiced regularly