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Year 10 English – Establish the foundations of writing and analysis – Weekly Group Program

Year 10 is an important time for students to build the foundations for effective and sophisticated writing. These skills are crucial for a smooth transition into senior school.

This group course will run weekly. It will focus on the structure of essays, short answer responses and interpretation of texts. Students will gain a plethora of skills that will assist them to better understand texts and express their ideas. The skills that students will take away from this course will be extremely helpful not only in year 10 but also help them when transitioning into year 11 and 12.

This group program aims at ensuring that students transition into senior school with the confidence and ability to be effective writers. Year 10 is a key stage in a students development particularly in the subject of English. Many students need to develop analysis and critical thinking skills. These are key to achieving a higher band response in year 11 and subsequently year 12.

This program will focus on refining these skills. Students will be guided through short answer responses, comprehension of texts, and responding creatively and analytically to stimuli. This will involve the students being presented with a text or image that they have not seen before and being asked to compose either a piece of creative writing or a critical response such as an essay. Students will receive constructive feedback and work on developing their skills.

Each week the students will be encouraged to develop their confidence and writing skills to ensure they have a smooth transition into senior school.   

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