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Year 10 English is a crucial stage in which students develop the core skills needed to excel in preliminary and HSC English. The English Syllabus states that “students [in year 10] must read, listen to and view a variety of texts that are appropriate to their needs, interest and abilities. These texts become increasingly sophisticated…” In order to build upon prior knowledge learnt in earlier stages, students must have a sound awareness of their expectations for their final years at high school.

On the brink of their senior years, I tutor year 10 students in a way that ensures the transition is made as easy as possible by teaching key, foundational skills that they can build upon and develop in their final years. Such skills include helping students identify literary techniques and explaining their effect in relation to the text as a whole. Furthermore, I introduce effective methods to write essays on a level that the student understands and build up their essay writing abilities by gradually demonstrating practical ways to increase their writing sophistication. Creative writing is the third area I focus on in which students learn to write imaginatively and creatively under stimulus restrictions.

English skills are beneficial in a number of external courses and can increase marks in all subjects with essay-based assessment tasks. Therefore, targeting these three core skills, year 10 students will be prepared not only for the upcoming preliminary English course, but will increase their confidence in a variety of subjects that entail writing components.

HSC English tutor

HSC English Tutors

Master Coaching offers one on one tutoring for HSC English. We are located in Hurstville, Sydney, and also offer online tutoring for students across NSW.

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