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Writing speeches can be a daunting process in itself although most students find ultimately that the essence of delivering this piece of writing is challenging in itself. Students therefore need to consider that speeches are just one of the many ways in which they can show and prove to the marker their extensive knowledge. Rather then considering the task of delivering the speech as something that will be difficult or even “impossible” it can be seen as a students chance to identify and explore a concept in which they find interesting. Therefore there are numerous tips and tricks that can assist students in delivering a speech that is effective and engaging.

Although considered as one of the most problematic areas of essay writing it is important to focus on eye contact. Eye contact in a speech should be something in which is constant and all encompassing in a student’s speech. The concept of eye contact allows for numerous factors to take effect, one of which includes an audience being engaged personally through direct eye contact, as well as further showing a level of confidence that the speaker knows what they are saying. Furthermore, eye contact is important to reflect the ideal that you are well prepared and decided to not just deliver a speech in which is devoid of purpose.

Another key device to engage the audience as well expertly intertwine engagement is rhetorical questions. Rhetorical questions work on the premise that students will ask a question to the audience but not gain an immediate response to the question. Consequently, the questions work well by engaging the audience to think about the concept being explored. This concept being explored will be furthered by the audience critically questioning and focussing on the point in which is being attempted to be made. Thus, rhetorical questions are an effective device to reflect to the audience that you want to provoke a thought process associated with your speech.

In addition, the abilities for students to engage content can once again be furthered by imperatives. Imperatives work in a persuasive piece of writing to emphasise what you should be doing or what the author would like you to do. These imperatives therefore have a key role throughout the text to engage the audience with the concept of exploring why immediate action is needed.

Finally, a student who excels at essay writing is one in which has prepared effectively and also chosen to produce a speech where they feel comfortable in exploring the content they want too. Thus, students who choose to delve into effective and deep constructive ideas will inherently explore or produce a lesson in which is more comprehensive.

The use of accurate sized visual aids either palm cards or even a power point must be used sparsely when presenting. The inability for a student to produce or complete a speech without a heavy reliance on the visual aid will reflect to the marker that you rather then being will just remember previous work or previous layers of meaning loosely relating to the question.

In summation, a speech is a text type in which allows for students to explore themselves more comprehensively. Though it must be considered that students who use these specific tips and tricks will achieve the high bands in which they desire at Master Coaching.

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