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Seletive School Coaching by Christopher Fletcher

My key motto is ‘read to succeed’ if students are successful readers than the evidence shows they will achieve more at school. I have specialist knowledge on the core comprehension strategies that can help students improve in all Key Learning Areas. My stage 3 primary class are focused on improving their reading and I’ve witnessed the flow on effect this has on their learning overall. Here at Master Coaching we aim to extend the students by showing them how to be critical thinkers and how to develop their inference skills in order to do well in the selective schools test. In writing, we demonstrate to all students what an ‘A’ students writing looks like and we break down the qualities needed for an excellent piece of writing. The success criteria for each piece of writing is clear and students understand exactly what they need to work on in order to improve their writing.

In numeracy, our main aim at Master Coaching is to firstly show the students what level of maths is needed to succeed in the selective schools test. Any weakness or lacking knowledge in a topic is then individually accounted for while their strengths are brought out in the beginning stages of the course. Homework is a weekly commitment to be completed by students. Students’ homework is a reinforcement of what was learnt during the lesson and it will be marked the following week. After students are confident in the various mathematical topics, weekly trial tests are run to familiarise students with the test format and strategies to maximise their marks.

In General Ability, we aim to expose students to the range of specific questions that are likely to appear in the selective school test while expanding their knowledge in the world around them. These include pattern recognition, logical reasoning, problem solving, critical thinking, historical and geographical facts. A variety of different approaches to problems and their solutions will be taught to extend students’ knowledge to find the most accurate answer in the least amount of time. It is important the students experience the various types of questions that they might receive in the selective schools test so they can feel as confident as possible.

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