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Phonics / Reading / Writing Coaching Years 1-3

Mainstream classes are aimed at students in Years 1 to 3 interested in improving their English skills, particularly Phonics, which encompasses Spelling, Reading and Writing. Students are taught various skills that are important for later school years. Exercises are designed to target their weaknesses while consolidating their foundations in


  • The process of phonics involves breaking words into separate phonemes (sounds) that can be blended together to read a word.
  • The process of spelling requires children to identify all of the phonemes (sounds) in a word and then to use their knowledge of the alphabetic code to write it.
  • Phonics when taught properly and effectively, allows students to respond to letters and pronounce phonemes quickly and automatically and to segment words into phonemes to spell unknown words.
  • Knowing all the different ways to represent phonemes is the first step to reading and spelling more complex words.
  • Phonics should be taught everyday so that reading becomes automatic and increasingly fluent.
  • Having a good grasp of phonics impacts positively on reading and writing.
  • Essential comprehension skills are taught, students are trained to pick out relevant information from passages to understand flow of text.
  • High order critical thinking beyond the literal meaning into deeper messages within written texts is taught.
  • Students are taught about the various text types that they may come across including expositions, letters, narratives, poetry, speeches and creative writing.
  • Students are taught how to write with specific purpose and audience in mind.
  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation are practiced regularly.

The Phonics Tutor has:

  • The depth of experience across K-6 settings which has enabled her to develop exemplary classroom programs which have successfully supported a high level of understanding to promote quality teaching and learning.
  • Over 17 years’ experience teaching K-6 in various primary schools ranging from Kindergarten through to Year 6.
  • Completed a Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Teaching, with extensive knowledge & experience with teaching literacy and numeracy, especially phonics, reading and writing in K-2.
  • Initiated maths & literacy groups across K-2 to cater for students with specific needs and differentiated learning programs.
  • Acted as literacy mentor & consultant for a dynamic reading & writing program.
  • Supported very experienced teachers within the school and the region, through facilitating and organising demonstration lessons in Synthetic Phonics for Early Stage 1 and Stage 1. She is
  • Experience in teaching students’ phonics and the skill of decoding words to read fluently whilst comprehending what they have read.
  • Extensive experience in preparing students for NAPLAN with positive results. Her belief is that all students learn differently, therefore she caters the program to the individual learner.
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