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PDHPE in years 11 and 12 allow a student to learn about health and well being as a multi dimensional concept that can be applied in many areas. This subject is easily applicable to ones every day life as it revolves around health on a individual, community and national level as well as the factors that affect performance in athletes, what athletes can do to improve their performance as well as aspects of sports medicine and safe practices. It challenges students to look at health and sport from a holistic perspective.

How we teach PDHPE:

In PDHPE all questions in any in school exams, assessment or the HSC itself, are worded using key words from the syllabus. Therefore in PDHPE the syllabus is crucial and classes are shaped around focusing on a small section of the syllabus each lesson where the aim is the gain a deeper understanding of that part of the syllabus as well as learning and memorising all the keys words from the syllabus. At the end of each focus question in the syllabus a short test is giving out to help improve noticing the key words in questions as well as practising how to address an exam question.

PDHPE for Year 12:

Year 12 PDHPE is very a very competitive subject in the HSC as it is one of the subjects with the highest participation rate. it is very content heavy therefore it requires organisation, dedication and lots of practice questions. The subject solely revolves around the syllabus as all questions come from the syllabus. There are 2 core topics and 2 elective topics that make up the course however each are as important as the other. Each week sections of the syllabus will be addressed with the content explained and then questions will be attempted assessing content from that section of the syllabus with feedback giving. Practicing the multiple choice questions, short respond and long respond questions are critical in learning how to approach the HSC and learning time management.

Our PDHPE tutor received a band 6 in PDHPE by attaining a mark of 95 in her HSC exam. The content she learnt in this subject has greatly helped her understand health dynamics within society and has greatly increased her knowledge in the area which she can apply to her psychology degree.

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