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OC Exam Preparation

In preparation for the OC Exam, the course of my lessons begins with tailing individual student’s weaknesses and their knowledge on all topics in maths, for example Perimeter & Area, Shapes, Angles, Money etc. These lessons are designed to fill in as well as consolidate any lacking knowledge in the particular topic area each student may have with class practice and homework exercises given out each week.

As for English, I train students in gaining comprehension skills. These include high order inferential reading, getting the main idea, detecting the sequence as well as expanding student’s vocabulary that is essential to do well in the OC exam.

For General Ability, as most questions involve frequent decoding, pattern finding, specific vocabulary/phrases and logical deductions, creative and critical thinking is the centre focus of my lessons. Students will be taught how to approach specific types of GA questions to maximise their results. Practice exam questions will be taught and explained so all students are highly encouraged to ask any questions they may have.

Homework will be marked and returned weekly to not only help students understand their weaknesses and how to conquer them but also let me alter my lessons for the week after to tailor their needs.

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